One Utah Thriving: Creating Opportunity through Higher Education

One Utah Thriving is a convening dedicated to supporting a higher education system that provides opportunities for each Utahn. It has never been more relevant to recommit higher education as a pathway for opportunity and prosperity. 

This conference finds its roots in the five pillars of the Utah Board of Higher Education’s strategic plan: Access, Affordability, Completion, Workforce Alignment, and Research. These pillars are not standalone ideals but interconnected components of a holistic approach to education. By examining these pillars through the lens of building bridges, we strive to enrich the strategic plan with nuanced perspectives that drive its implementation to benefit every member of our educational ecosystem.

We hope this conference will raise courageous discussions aimed at championing the transformative power of education. Together, our diverse perspectives will foster innovative solutions to address disparities and ensure the success of Utah graduates.


Today’s rapid economical shifts and global interconnectivity make embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity in education an economic and workforce imperative. A diverse student body, faculty, and workforce enhance the quality of education, generate innovative ideas, and empower our institutions to truly reflect the individuals they serve. Additionally, as Utah’s demographics continue to evolve, the responsibility to adapt and address the needs of all members of our community becomes ever more urgent.

We hope this convening will serve as a catalyst for change through courageous dialogue, presentations from emerging leaders, and collaborative workshops. We intend to foster a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of higher education, change, and equity and to spark actionable strategies that translate into meaningful progress on our campuses and in our communities.

Upcoming Events

Location: Salt Lake Community College, Miller Campus

Time: 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Registration: $76.35 (including fees)

Institutions, consider identifying and registering your Board of Trustees, administrators, staff, faculty, and students who will participate in advancing equitable student outcomes.

Key Facilitators:


The Dignity Index scores distinct phrases along an eight-point scale from contempt to dignity. Lower scores (1-4) reflect divisive language while higher scores (5-8) reflect language grounded in dignity. In its pilot season, a trained group of students supported by the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute and the Hinckley Institute of Politics scored selections from candidate speeches, debates, fundraising outreach, social media posts, and campaign ads in Utah’s federal congressional races. By focusing on the speech and not the speaker, the Dignity Index is designed to draw our attention away from the biases of partisan politics and toward the power we each have to heal our country and each other.

View the Dignity Index

The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute specializes in Utah demographics and the Utah economy. The institute prepared a repository of indicators by race, ethnicity, and sex.

The report provides data and information to help state and community leaders make progress in their equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. Gov. Spencer Cox’s One Utah Roadmap, the Utah Legislature’s policies to extend opportunity to all, and business and community leaders’ Utah Compact on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion provide three significant examples in the past year of Utah’s commitment. The data and context provided in this report shed light on existing disparities; help people understand the complexities of these measures; and help provide a starting point for future progress.

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