2018-19 Tuition and Fees Calculator

Utah Code, Title 53B grants the Board of Regents with authority to set tuition and fees for each of the USHE institutions. Decisions on tuition and fees usually occur in two phases. In the fall, prior to the annual legislative session, the Board adopts a preliminary first-tier, general percentage increase in tuition for the upcoming academic year that is the same for each institution. Following the legislative session, the Board reviews its preliminary first-tier increases based on legislative funding and makes adjustments. USHE Presidents, in consultation with students, may recommend second-tier tuition increases that target specific unmet budgetary needs at their respective institution. These second-tier tuition increases are subject to approval by the Board of Regents. Proposed fee increases are approved by the Board at that time as well. This calculator includes the Board’s action on tuition and fees through the 2018-19 academic year.

*Note: these calculations are estimates and do not include program fees or differential tuition rates charged for some specific programs. 

Tuition and Fees Calculator

Plateau Tuition

Plateau – or “banded” tuition – is a set tuition price for all undergraduate students earning college credits within a set range of credits. In other words, at almost all USHE institutions, it is the same tuition and fees for students to take 15 credits as it is to take 12 in a semester. The interactive below calculates the 2018-19 undergraduate tuition and fees for a USHE institution, by credit hours. The calculator also estimates the additional cost, if any, of taking one additional 3-credit course (the typical credit load for most general education courses). More information on estimating the cost to attend a USHE institution is available at the green arrow links at the bottom of the calculator.

Plateau tuition can be an incentive for full-time students to take a slightly heavier credit load to complete a degree sooner – all for the same price. A student who takes 12 credits each semester during college will take a full year longer to graduate with a bachelor’s degree than a student who takes 15 credits per semester.

Additional Information on Tuition and Fees (PDF)