New Century Scholarship

Information for the Class of 2020

Application Information

The 2020 application is now closed. Applicants should monitor their account for additional information sent to them via their message center regarding next steps that need to be completed by September 1, 2020.

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Award Information

If the student is qualified, information will be provided to the college they are attending to evaluate the award amount for which a student may qualify. The award can be applied for up to 4 semesters towards tuition and fees after other state aid has been awarded to the student. The maximum amount a student may receive is $1000 per semester, however; this may be reduced due to other state aid the student receives.

Maintaining Eligibility

Students must maintain enrollment at an eligible college/university during the Fall and Spring semesters (Fall and Winter for those attending Brigham Young University). In order to receive an award disbursement students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits.

The New Century Scholarship may be used for up to four semesters, but expires five years from the student’s high school graduation date.

Students who receive an award disbursement are required to complete 12 credits each semester, maintaining a 3.0 semester GPA.

If you do not earn a 3.0 semester GPA you will be placed on probationary status; however, if you earn a semester GPA lower than a 3.0 for a second semester you will forfeit the scholarship. Students are still able to receive the New Century Scholarship while on probation.

The college you attend will automatically report enrollment and GPA information to the New Century Scholarship each semester. Students will not be required to turn in enrollment documentation to the New Century Scholarship to maintain their eligibility. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements will forfeit their New Century Scholarship and may have to return the scholarship funds.

Deferment Information

The following information will help you understand the deferment requirements, process, and deadlines.

A deferment is used to put your New Century Scholarship “on hold.” Students submit a deferment request if they have applied for the scholarship, but will not attend college the Fall Semester immediately after graduating from high school.

A deferment is generally used when you are serving in the military, have a major medical issue, or for humanitarian/religious service reasons. Deferment requests for reasons such as traveling, attending a non-eligible college/university or working to save money will not be approved. Requests for a deferment are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with no guarantee of approval. Even if you are granted a deferment, the scholarship will still expire five years from the date of high school graduation.

Required Supporting Documents: You must submit a copy of your military orders that state the length of time you will be gone and the date you will report for service.

  • Required Supporting Documents: If you are seeking the deferment due to medical reasons, you must provide a formal doctor’s note describing your individual circumstances which prevent you from meeting the scholarship requirements and your doctor’s recommendation regarding your academics. Information related to the medical condition must be current (less than 3 months old).
  • Deferment requests related to medical reasons are typically only approved one semester at a time.
  • Required Supporting Document:
    • You must submit a copy of your mission call.
    • Or, if you have not received your call yet you will need to submit a letter from your bishop on church letterhead stating your intent to serve a mission and the date you have set for availability to serve.
  • You must be of age to serve and set your availability to on or before December 1 (you will need to submit documentation verifying this). If you do not yet have your mission call, the request may be granted on a provisional basis until you have submitted a copy of your mission call to the New Century Scholarship office.
  • If you will not be of age to serve a mission and do not set your availability date prior to December 1, you will not be eligible for a deferment. Therefore, to remain eligible for the scholarship, you will need to enroll in 12 credits during the Fall Semester immediately after high school graduation and follow the steps outlined in the Leave of Absence Information for the semester in which you are planning to leave.
  • If you return early from your mission, you must contact the New Century Scholarship office immediately as the terms of the deferment are now void. For example, let’s say your original intent was to serve a mission from August 2020 to August 2022, but then your circumstances changed and you return in May 2021. You will be expected to enroll in 12 credits for Fall Semester 2021, unless a new deferment request has been submitted and approved. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the scholarship.

Required Supporting Documents: You must submit a letter from the program on letterhead stating the length of time you will be gone and the service you will be participating in. This letter needs to include details regarding the service you will be providing.

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