Valirie Serawop

Valirie Serawop is from the Uintah Basin and is a member of the Northern Ute Tribe. She is enrolled at Uintah Basin Technical College in the Business Manager program. She is involved with the Ambassador and Diversity Groups, where they build leadership and community involvement. She is the 2021 UBTech Student of The Year, and Skills USA, Silver Medalist, Prepared Speech. She encourages everyone to get involved with education, whether that means brushing up on their skills or being an active participant in children’s education.

Valirie was a teacher’s aide for the Ute Tribe Head start before the pandemic, and enjoyed seeing the children accomplish their gross motor skills, to recognizing their numbers and alphabet. She loves watching the children she teaches grow up; when they see her, they still call her “Teacher.” Valirie would like to work in administration of one of the local educational institutions in the Uintah Basin.

Education has always been a priority in my life because it builds your self-confidence, self-esteem and you gain perspective in your journey in life.