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204, Tuition and Fees

204.1 Purpose

To establish policies for setting tuition and fees to be charged to students attending USHE technical colleges.

204.2 Approval

Board of Higher Education approval: June 2, 2004. Revised: June 11, 2008. Replaced: September 30, 2010. Revised: January 12, 2011; October 18, 2012; January 10, 2013; April 25, 2013; April 10, 2014; June 8, 2016; May 18, 2017; September 13, 2017.

204.3 References

UCA 53B-2a-106, Technical Colleges — Duties
UCA 53B-2a-104, Utah Board of Higher Education — Powers and Duties
UCA 53A-15-301, Education Programs for Students with Disabilities
UCA 53B-9-101(2), Higher Education for Senior Citizens
Utah Administrative Code R277-419-4, Pupil Accounting
Utah Administrative Code R277-705, Secondary School Completion and Diplomas
Policy 200, Program/Course Approval and Reporting
Policy 205, Student Enrollment and Outcome Reporting

204.4 Definitions

4.1 Senior Citizen: Utah residents age 62 and over.

4.2 Audit: No record of competencies is posted to the student’s transcript.

204.5 Secondary Tuition

5.1 As prescribed in UCA 53B-2a-106(1)(b)(ii), no tuition is assessed to a secondary student documented according to Policy who is formally scheduled in an approved program (200.4.1) or course (200.4.2).

5.2 A secondary student shall not be charged tuition at a USHE technical college, regardless of the day or time of the course or program, through the date that he or she no longer qualifies as a secondary student. Effective on that date, the student shall be considered a postsecondary student and shall be charged the college’s regular tuition rate. For a student whose secondary status changes while enrolled in a defined-length course (201.6.2), the student shall be allowed to complete the course without paying tuition for the remainder of the course.

5.3 A referral of a student by a public or private high school shall constitute sufficient documentation of secondary student status for tuition purposes. In the absence of a high school referral, a college shall require evidence that the student qualifies under Policy Colleges shall not require but will encourage and facilitate referral of secondary students through public school districts.

204.6 Postsecondary Tuition

6.1 Postsecondary Tuition: Low cost tuition, as prescribed in UCA 53B-2a-106(1)(b)(i) and as approved by the Board of Higher Education, shall be assessed to postsecondary students formally scheduled in a program (200.4.1) or course (200.4.2).

6.2 Tuition Hearings: Each USHE technical college shall hold a meeting to receive public input and response on any proposed tuition increases. These meetings shall follow the requirements of UCA 53B-7-101.5.

6.3 Fiscal Year Effective Date: Tuition rates shall be effective for all coursework beginning July 1 of the fiscal year for which the rates are approved. Tuition for a defined-length course (201.7.2) shall be calculated and assessed for the complete course at the approved rate for the fiscal year in which the course begins, regardless of whether the final portion of the course occurs in the following year for which a different tuition rate is approved.

6.4 Differential Tuition: Based on extraordinary circumstances, a college board of directors may request that the Board of Higher Education approve a differential tuition rate for a specific course or program. Approved differential tuition rates shall expire on June 30 of each year. A new request and approval of the Board of Higher Education is required to continue differential tuition rates past June 30 of each year.

6.5 Residency Classification: Because USHE career and technical education and basic instruction classes are short-term and non-credit, colleges are not required to determine students’ state residency classification.

204.7 Senior Citizen Tuition

7.1 Senior Citizen Audit Waivers: Senior citizens shall be permitted to enroll on an audit basis in courses or classes, at any USHE technical college, without payment of regular tuition, subject to the following:

7.1.1 Enrollment shall be on a space available basis, as determined by the college, after all students on the course waiting list (excluding programs) have been accommodated. Senior citizens seeking audit waivers shall not be permitted to place their names on course waiting lists.

7.1.2 A minimum administrative fee, as determined by the college, shall be charged to cover the cost of registration, record keeping, and reporting.

7.1.3 All applicable fees shall be charged, as determined by the college.

7.2 Payment of Tuition for Certificates: To receive a program certificate (200.4.3) from any course or program in which he or she is enrolled, a senior citizen shall be required to pay full tuition.

7.3 Senior Citizen Enrollment Reporting: Senior citizens participating through the audit waiver policy shall be enrolled as senior citizens (205.5.4).

204.8 Fees

8.1 Approval and Assessment of Fees: Fees, as approved by the college board of directors, may be assessed to secondary and postsecondary students and to senior citizens formally enrolled in an approved course or program.

8.2 Notification to Secondary Education Providers: By March 31 of each year, or a later date if agreed to by the district superintendent or charter school or private school chief executive officer and the college president, each USHE technical college shall provide written notification of the approved secondary student fee schedule to all secondary education providers in the geographic area served by the college, and to the Commissioner of Higher Education. The notification shall be provided in the following manner:

8.2.1 The technical college president shall provide written notification of the approved fee schedule and a list of required text and workbooks to each school district superintendent, to the chief administrative officers of charter/private schools, and to all other secondary education providers in the geographic area served by the college, and to the Commissioner.

8.2.2 Each local school district representative on the technical college board of directors shall provide written notification of the approved fee schedule and a list of required text and workbooks to the Board of Education president for the district he or she represents.

8.2.3 If any new programs are added by the college after March 31 of each year, for which a fee and/or text and workbooks have been approved, notification of the approved fee and required text and workbooks shall be provided in the manner described in 8.2.1 and 8.2.2 above.

8.3 Fee Waivers

8.3.1 If a secondary student is fee waiver-eligible, as determined by the local school district or charter school, a USHE technical college shall waive the eligible fees for that student.

8.3.2 Reimbursement for fee waiver-eligible students’ fees may be negotiated between individual USHE technical colleges and local districts and charter schools.

204.9 Refunds

All USHE technical colleges shall have a tuition and fees refund policy which meets, at a minimum, Council on Occupational Education requirements.