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220, Campus Safety

220.1 Purpose

To establish minimum requirements for each technical college’s campus safety plan.

220.2 Approval

Board of Higher Education approval: June 20, 2019.

220.3 References

UCA 53B-28-401, Campus Safety Plans and Training – Institution Duties – Governing Board Duties

220.4 Definitions

4.1 Covered Offense: Sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking.

4.2 Student Organization: A club, group, sports team, fraternity or sorority, or other organization of which the majority of members is composed of students enrolled in an institution and that is officially recognized by the institution or seeks to be officially recognized by the institution.

220.5 Campus Safety Plans: Each technical college shall develop a campus safety plan that complies with all federal and state laws, all applicable accreditation standards, and specifically addresses:

5.1 Where an individual can locate the institution’s policies and publications related to a covered offense;

5.2 College and community resources for a victim of a covered offense;

5.3 The rights of a victim of a covered offense including the measures the college takes to ensure, unless otherwise provided by law, victim confidentiality throughout all steps in the reporting and response to a covered offense;

5.4 How the institution informs the campus community of a crime that presents a threat to the campus community;

5.5 Availability, locations, and methods for requesting assistance of security personnel on the college’s campus;

5.6 Guidance on how a student may contact law enforcement for incidents that occur off campus;

5.7 Efforts related to increasing campus safety, including efforts related to the college’s increased response in providing services to victims of a covered offense, that the college made in the preceding 18 months and that the college expects to make in the upcoming 24 months;

5.8 Coordination and communication between institution resources and organizations including campus law enforcement (if applicable);

5.9 College coordination with local law enforcement or community resources, including coordination related to a student’s safety at an off-campus location; and

5.10 How the institution requires a student organization to provide campus safety training.

220.6 Posting and Updating: Each college shall prominently post its campus safety plan on the college’s website and at each of the college’s campus locations. Each college shall update its campus safety plan at least annually.

220.7 Safety Training Curriculum: Each college shall develop a campus safety training curriculum that addresses awareness and prevention of covered offenses, including information on institution and community resources for a victim of a covered offense, bystander intervention, and sexual consent.

220.8 Student Organizations: Each college shall require a student organization, in order for the organization to receive or maintain official recognition by the college, to annually provide campus safety training using the curriculum described in 220.7 to the organization’s members.

220.9 Resource Identification: The Office of the Commissioner, on behalf of the Board of Higher Education, shall identify resources an institution may use to develop a campus safety training curriculum as described herein.

220.10 Annual Report: Each college shall report annually to the Office of the Commissioner on the implementation of this policy. The Office of the Commissioner shall provide an annual combined report to the Board of Higher Education prior to the November legislative interim meetings. The Board of Higher Education shall cause the report to be made to the Education Interim Committee and the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee, at or before the committees’ November meetings.