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506, Employment of Relatives

506.1 Purpose

To establish a policy for the employment of relatives in the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.

506.2 Approval

Board of Higher Education approval: October 15, 2009. Revised: June 8, 2016; September 13, 2017.

506.3 Definitions

3.1 Relatives: Includes grandparents, grandchildren, parents, step-parents, spouses, children, step-children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, first cousins, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law, or sons-inlaw, and the spouses of any relative. Relatives also include persons who are in a spouselike relationship to an employee.

506.4 Policy

4.1 Limitations on Hiring a Relative of an Employee: The Commissioner’s Office will accept employment applications from a relative of an employee. However, there are four situations in which relatives of employees shall not be hired:

4.1.1 If one relative would supervise the other;

4.1.2 If one relative would audit the work of the other;

4.1.3 If the interests of either relative and the Commissioner’s Office would be in conflict; and

4.1.4 If the hiring of a relative could result in a conflict of interest with existing vendors of the Commissioner’s Office.

4.2 Current Employees who Become Relatives: Current employees who become relatives, such that this policy would prohibit them from being hired into their current positions, may not continue employment with the Commissioner’s Office. The Commissioner shall apply neutral procedures to determine which employee shall be terminated.

4.3 Exceptions to the Policy: Exceptions will be granted only in cases where it is determined to be in accordance with applicable law, in the best interest of the Commissioner’s Office, and where proper additional procedures and safeguards are in place to mitigate adverse outcomes. Requests must be reviewed and approved by the Commissioner.