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580, Administration Building Acceptable Use and Rental

580.1. Purpose

To specify acceptable uses for USHE’s Administration and Training Office.

580.2. Approval

Utah Board of Higher Education approval: March 26, 2015. Revised: June 8, 2016; September 13, 2017; March 15, 2018.

580.3 References

Policy 100, Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles
Policy 511, Employee Practices
Policy 513, Employee Leaves of Absence

580.4. Definitions

4.1. Office: USHE Administration and Training Office, located at 310 South Main Street, Suite 1250, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

4.2. USHE Administration: A USHE executive officer as defined in Policy 511.3.7 or the Executive Assistant to the USHE Commissioner.

580.5. Primary Uses

5.1. The primary daily use of the USHE Administration and Training Office is to house the Office of the USHE Commissioner in maintaining a central administration office for coordination, prioritization, support, and reporting of:

5.1.1. College functions dealing with budgets and audits;

5.1.2. Facilities, including capital, capital development, and leases;

5.1.3. Management information systems;

5.1.4. College and USHE master planning efforts;

5.1.5. Strategic planning;

5.1.6. Articulation with institutions of higher education and public education;

5.1.7. Legislative, State System of Public Education, State System of Higher Education, and Utah Board of Higher Education contact;

5.1.8. General data collection; and UTAH SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION Number: 580 POLICIES Date: March 15, 2018 Page: 2 of 3 Subject: USHE Administration Office Acceptable Use

5.1.9. Programs, certificates, and curriculum.

5.2. Meetings of the USHE Board of Higher Education and other meetings, training, and functions of USHE and its colleges are also considered primary uses of the office and take priority over any otherwise acceptable uses.

580.6 Other Acceptable Uses

In addition to the primary uses outlined in 580.5, the USHE Administration and Training Office may be used for other purposes deemed by USHE Administration to further USHE’s mission to meet the needs of Utah’s employers for technically-skilled workers and to promote local and statewide economic development by providing market-driven technical education to secondary and adult students (Policy 100.2). Other acceptable uses of the office may indirectly support USHE’S mission by fostering community, statewide, and other important partnerships and relationships. Other acceptable uses may include:

6.1. Instruction or training provided by state, municipal, or other public entities;

6.2. Instruction or training provided by non-profit entities and associations;

6.3. Instruction or training provided by employers or employer groups; or

6.4. Meetings or retreats of any of the above.

580.7 Provisions for Use

7.1. Use of the USHE Administration and Training Office to sell or promote products or services, otherwise solicit commercial business, or for functions promoting specific political parties or candidates is not permitted.

7.2. USHE administration may deny use of the office if a request is deemed to present an unacceptable risk, create a negative situation for USHE, or appears contrary to USHE’s mission.

7.3. Staff offices are designated for individuals employed by the Office of the USHE Commissioner and others with special approval from the USHE Commissioner and are not available for other use under this policy.

7.4. Any entity using the office assumes full liability for its own actions and the actions of all participants. USHE is insured by the State of Utah, Division of Risk Management. However, a user may be required to provide proof of additional liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000. The insurance must cover the entity, participants, and USHE. The user shall be responsible for any damage or theft caused or perpetrated during the user’s activity in the office. The user shall also be responsible for participants lingering or loitering in or around the office prior to, during, or after the user’s event. USHE will bill the user for the cost of any such damage or theft. UTAH SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION Number: 580 POLICIES Date: March 15, 2018 Page: 3 of 3 Subject: USHE Administration Office Acceptable Use

7.5. USHE hours of operation are generally 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays as listed in Policy 513.6. Entities using the office outside of USHE hours of operation may be subject to additional fees to compensate for USHE staff and/or office security required outside normal hours. Approval will also depend on availability of USHE staff to attend and secure the office.

7.6. Food preparation is not allowed in the office except for USHE employees during meal or rest breaks per Policy 511.4. Entities may bring meals or refreshments to events or have events professionally catered. Additional fees may be incurred if additional custodial services are required due to an event and its participants.

7.7. USHE is not responsible for administrative or other support for another entity’s event. Reasonable efforts to provide wireless internet connectivity and use of available USHE equipment will be made if sufficient notice is provided to USHE staff.

7.8. Use of tobacco, alcohol, or other controlled, illegal, or intoxicating substances is prohibited on USHE property.

7.9. Loud, boisterous, disruptive, violent, or illegal behavior will not be tolerated. Violators may be asked to leave and may be referred to law enforcement. USHE administration may choose to end any event prematurely if it is determined that the event is not conducive to a professional atmosphere.

7.10. No signs or other items may be attached or posted to walls or doors without approval of USHE administration.

7.11. Scheduling of the office will generally be coordinated by the Executive Assistant to the USHE Commissioner.