R121, Functions of the Board of Higher Education

R121-1. Purpose: To describe the functions of the Board of Higher Education.

R121-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-103 (Board: Powers and Authority)

2.2. Utah Code §53B-16-102 (Review of Programs, Changes in Curriculum, Alterations in Institutional Operations)

 R121-3. Functions: Administrative responsibilities for institutional operations shall be delegated to the respective Presidents and institutional Boards of Trustees. The Board of Higher Education reserves to itself final authority to consider and act on the following matters:

3.1. Policies and Procedures: Establishment of policies and procedures having statewide implication.

 3.2. Executive Appointments: Appointment and retention of the Commissioner of Higher Education and the Presidents of the institutions governed by the Board of Higher Education and to fix their salaries.

3.3. Master Planning: Development, maintenance, and implementation of an up-to-date master plan for the System of Higher Education, including the definition of institutional missions and roles, the determination of related operating and capital budgetary needs, and the approval of academic and applied technical education programs.

3.4. Budget and Finance: Approval of institutional budget proposals for recommendation to the Governor and the Legislature, proposals for adjustment of tuition and fees, and requests for approval of work programs or modifications therein.

 3.5. Legislation: Proposals for legislation, which, if enacted, may affect the role and mission of or affect the resources available to the System of Higher Education.

3.6. Governmental Relations: Development of relationships with other entities of government, which may have an impact on higher education.

3.7. Administrative Unit and Program Approval: Approval of the “…establishment of a branch, extension center, college, professional school, division, institute, department or any new program in instruction, research or public services or a new degree, diploma, or certificate” at all postsecondary institutions in the Utah System. In this conjunction, the Board of Higher Education “shall conduct periodic reviews of all programs of instruction, research, and public service…” (Utah Code §53B-16-102(5) and (6))

Approved 09/21/1976.