R150, Council of Presidents

R150-1.Purpose: The Council of Presidents performs a facilitating role designed to provide an avenue for effective dialogue in a spirit of harmony and mutual trust between the public colleges and universities in Utah. To enhance the efficiency and efficacy of the System of Higher Education, the Council should serve as an advisory panel to the Commissioner, the Board of Higher Education and the Presidents regarding state-wide policy issues relating to the program and budgetary needs of Utah higher education.


 2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-103 (Board of Higher Education: Powers and Authority)


3.1. Functions of the Council of Presidents: The Council of Presidents is an advisory body to the Board of Higher Education, the Commissioner, and the Presidents, composed of the individual institutional Presidents and the Commissioner who serves as Chair. The Council has the following functions and relationships:

3.1.1.Policies and Procedures: Advises the Commissioner and the Board of Higher Education on System policies and procedures.

3.1.2. Agenda: Reviews proposed agenda for Board of Higher Education meetings and counsels with the Commissioner in the preparation thereof.

 3.1.3. Communications: Assures continuous communication among the colleges and universities and among them, the Board of Higher Education, and the Office of the Commissioner, related to problems and issues of common interest to the System of Higher Education.

3.1.4.  Program and Budget: Counsels with the Commissioner and Board members regarding the program and budgetary needs of the System and of the individual institutions.

Adopted September 26, 1976