R206, Executive Officer External Service

R206, Executive Officer External Service

R206-1. Purpose: To provide guidelines for executive officers who serve on boards of charitable or business corporations.

R206-2. References

 2.1. Utah Code §53B-2-106 (Duties and Responsibilities of the President)

 2.2. Utah Code Title 67, Chapter 16 (Utah Public Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act)

 2.3. Bylaws R120, Section 3.3.3., Institutional Governance and Administration

 2.4. Policy and Procedures R201, Presidents’ Responsibility to the System, the Assigned Institution, and for Legislative Relations


 3.1. Service on External Boards: The chief executive officers of the Utah System of Higher Education may serve on charitable and/or corporate boards, with or without honoraria.

 3.2. Conflicts of Interest Avoided: The chief executive officer shall avoid any action or participation which creates a substantial conflict of interest between his or her institution, or the System of Higher Education, and the external organization, and shall take every reasonable precaution to avoid the appearance of any such conflict of interest as a result of her or his service on the external board.

 3.3. Report of Service on External Boards: The executive officer shall report service on external boards to the Commissioner of Higher Education in writing.

Adopted July 21, 1989