R212, Chief Executive Officer Travel Oversight

R212-1. Chief Executive Officer Travel: Travel is an integral and expected part of a president’s and commissioner’s role.  This policy gives the boards of trustees oversight of presidential travel and ensures institutions and the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education are transparent and accountable of the use of their resources.

R212-2. Policy

2.1. Board of Trustees Oversight. Each institution shall annually submit to its board of trustees chair an itemized record of the president’s out of state institution-funded travel expenses. The itemized list shall include:

2.1.1 Travel dates and location;

2.1.2 The purpose of the travel; and

2.1.3 Total expenses for each trip.

2.2 Presidential Travel Audit.  Institutions shall annually audit out of state presidential travel and submit audit reports to manager of audit and financial services by January 15 of each year.

2.3 Commissioner Travel Audit.  The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education shall annually audit the Commissioner’s out of state travel.

Originally adopted September 16, 2011, Policy number (R566) amended January 25, 2013 and March 31, 2017.