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R253, Campus Discipline

R253, Campus Discipline

R253-1.Purpose: To provide guidelines for the establishment of institutional policy and standards for discipline on the campuses of the System. R253-2.References

 2.1. Utah Code §53B-2-106 (Duties and Responsibilities of the President)

2.2. Utah Code Title 53B, Chapter 3 (Enforcement of Regulations at Institutions)

2.3. Utah Code Title 76, Chapter 8, Part 7 (Criminal Offenses Against Colleges and Universities)

2.4. Policy and Procedures R120, Bylaws of the Board of Higher Education; § (Responsibility of Presidents)

2.5. Policy and Procedures R251, Campus Speakers

R253-3.Guidelines and Principles

3.1. Grounds and Properties for Purposes of Higher Education: The grounds and properties of the state universities and colleges of the Utah System of Higher Education are owned by the state through the Board of Higher Education. The Board has assigned responsibility for the use of these facilities to the Presidents and institutional Boards of Trustees as the immediate governing authorities of the respective institutions. Such grounds and properties are devoted to and maintained for the function of supplying higher education for the welfare of the people, and are not places of sanctuary from campus or other legal authority.

 3.2. Presidents and Institutional Boards of Trustees Empowered: The Board authorizes, empowers, and directs the respective Presidents and institutional Boards of Trustees of the institutions to take such action as may be reasonably necessary to effectuate this ordinance, including recognition of faculty responsibility for maintenance of campus discipline and adoption of rules and regulations which shall provide:

3.2.1. No person or persons may enter upon the grounds, buildings, roadways, or properties of the Utah System of Higher Education, nor may a person or persons there be or remain, for the purpose of or in the actual or threatened commission of any breach of the criminal laws (state or national), violent, obscene, or disorderly conduct; injury to or destruction of property; interference with lawful and authorized access, ingress, or egress; injury to person or persons; seizure or exercise or unauthorized use of any of the properties of the institution; trespass; conduct harmful, obstructive, or disruptive to, or which interferes with, the educational process, the public peace and tranquility; or the incitement, support, encouragement, aid, or abetment of any of the foregoing.

3.2.2. Access to, enjoyment of, and presence upon or within the areas aforesaid are conditioned upon compliance with this ordinance. Persons not in compliance with it, or in violation thereof, are subject to eviction therefrom and will be denied entry to or upon such areas as the case may be.

 3.3. Discipline for Rules Violations: Violation of institutional rules and regulations by any student, faculty, or staff member shall be grounds for institutional discipline, including admonition, warning, censure, probation, suspension, dismissal or expulsion, said discipline to be administered by institutional organs constituted for that purpose, including department and school faculties. [1] Adopted October 27, 1970.

Adopted October 27, 1970.