R255, Scheduling and Authorizing Use of Campus Facilities

R255, Scheduling and Authorizing Use of Campus Facilities

R255-1.Purpose: To provide guidelines for the establishment of institutional policy and standards for scheduling and authorizing use of campus facilities.


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 2.3. Utah Code Title 76, Chapter 8, Part 7 (Criminal Offenses Against Colleges and Universities)

 2.4. Policy and Procedures R120, Bylaws of the Board of Higher Education; § (Responsibility of Presidents)

 2.5. Policy and Procedures R253, Campus Discipline

R255-3.Guidelines and Principles

3.1. Constitutional Authority to Schedule Campus Facilities: Authorizing and scheduling the use of their respective facilities and grounds for the work of the institution, its functions, their maintenance, and necessary use, does not impair in any way the constitutional right of individuals to petition and assemble. The right of assembly on campus facilities, whether by the public, alumni, faculty, staff, or students, is subject to the authority and responsibility of each institution to schedule the use of its facilities and in appropriate cases to require rental therefore.

3.2. Convenient and Appropriate Scheduling: The Board of Higher Education finds as a matter of fact and public policy that curricular and extracurricular matters have been successfully scheduled for many years on each campus, and, that unscheduled or unauthorized uses interfere with the disciplines of learning and free inquiry. The Board, therefore, directs that each institution in its regulations shall provide convenient and appropriate means for authorizing and scheduling the use of campus facilities as it deems appropriate for such use. Unauthorized or unscheduled use of the same shall be subject to such discipline as determined by institutional regulations.

Adopted October 27, 1970.