R343, Information Management

R343, Information Management

R343-1.Purpose: To provide for the accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of institutional data to meet essential, relevant and appropriate system-wide requirements.


 2.1. Policy and Procedures R341, Computer Systems Program

 2.2. Policy and Procedures R342, Administrative Data Processing


 3.1. Board Determines System-wide Information Policy Issues: The Board, after input from the Office of the Commissioner, system-wide committees, and institutions, shall determine system-wide information policy.

 3.2. System Information Guidelines and Procedures: The Commissioner’s Office and institutions shall:

 3.2.1. provide for the widest possible availability of data throughout the System commensurate with good data management practices and requirements;

 3.2.2. assure that data users protect private or otherwise restricted data; and

 3.2.3. be provided opportunity to analyze and comment prior to the finalization or distribution of new or alternative external uses of their data.

3.3. Availability of Data: Essential, relevant and appropriate data shall be maintained in such a manner as to be readily accessible to authorized users. The current list of core data elements determined by system-wide committees shall be the initial listing of such essential data. Institutions are responsible to maintain such essential data accurately, consistently and in a timely manner. Common definitions and data values for the core data elements shall be clarified and updated, as needed. Core data elements are to be: 3.3.1. Centrally warehoused until technological advances make it advisable to provide access differently, and 3.3.2. provided at third week, end of term and, where needed, end of year.

3.4. Compatibility of Hardware and Software: Institutions are not required to adopt specific hardware or software packages. However, institutions must be able to provide required essential, relevant, accurate and appropriate data in acceptable and compatible formats in a timely manner to meet system- wide needs. Where advisable, the Commissioner’s Office and institutions will work collaboratively and cooperatively to acquire modern administrative computing hardware and software.

3.5. System-wide Funding: Institutions that provide core data element information as specified in Section 3.4 are entitled to fully participate in system-wide funding for data collection, processing, and reporting.

 3.6. Information Management Committee: An Information Management Committee shall be established. The Committee shall be chaired by the Commissioner or his or her designee. Each institution may appoint one representative member to the Committee. The duties of the Committee shall include:

 3.6.1. recommending additions or deletions to the core data elements listing;

 3.6.2. developing report and analysis formats and templates for use in providing requested information; and

 3.6.3. overseeing the maintenance of a data element dictionary.

3.7. Initial Data Uses: Data shall be easily accessible to the Commissioner’s Office and institutions to facilitate system-wide needs such as curriculum and facilities planning, distance learning, and appropriate student movement between institutions.

[1] Adopted November 12, 1996.