R211, President Emeritus Designation

R211-1. Purpose: To provide direction and criteria for granting a former institutional president emeritus status.

R211-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-2-103, Establishment of Board of Higher Education– Powers, Duties, and Authority.

R211-3. Emeritus Status

3.1. Board Designation: The Board of Higher Education may grant a former institutional president emeritus status at its discretion or at the request of a board of trustees.

3.2. Emeritus Status:  Emeritus status is an honorary designation available to former presidents who have served the institution with honor and success and who have contributed to the institution in other capacities for an extended period of time.  A former president who receives emeritus status shall be granted the title President Emeritus.  The title signifies the institution’s lasting respect and gratitude.  Emeritus status, however, does not grant any authority or benefits such as salary, employment benefits, office space, tenure or other terms of employment.

3.3. Required Criteria for Emeritus Status: To be eligible for emeritus status, a former president must meet the following criteria:

3.3.1. The president was in good standing with the Board and with the institution at the time of resignation or retirement.

3.3.2. The president served the institution as president and in other senior administrative capacities for a total of at least ten years.

3.3.3. The president has earned tenure status at the institution.

3.3.4. The president has expressed his or her intent to effectively retire from future institutional leadership and either return to the faculty or formally retire.

3.4. Duration of Emeritus Status

3.4.1. President Emeritus is generally a lifetime designation.  The Board, however, may withdraw emeritus status at its sole discretion.

3.4.2. A President Emeritus will not serve in an administrative capacity at the institution but may serve than as a faculty member.  If a President Emeritus is subsequently appointed to an administrative position, he or she will no longer be designated as President Emeritus.

Adopted May 18, 2018.