R483, Award of Tenure

R483-1. Purpose: To provide guidelines and reporting procedures for the reduction of awards of tenure at the institutions.

R483-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-2-106(2)(c) (Systems of Faculty Government)

2.2. Policy and Procedures R481, Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility and Tenure

R483-3. Policy

3.1. Plans to Reduce Awards of Tenure: It is the policy of the State Board of Regents that tenure quotas not be imposed. In lieu of a quota system, each institution shall develop a rigorous annual review procedure for all non-tenured faculty members, and shall submit, every five years, a plan showing how the number of faculty members awarded tenure will be limited.

3.2. Annual Reports: Institutions within the System also shall submit to their respective institutional boards of trustees, with a copy to the State Board of Regents, an annual report revealing the number of faculty members eligible for tenure and the number awarded tenure.