R483, Award of Tenure

R483-1. Purpose: To provide guidelines and reporting procedures for the reduction of awards of tenure at the institutions.

R483-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-2-106(2)(c) (Systems of Faculty Government)

2.2. Policy and Procedures R481, Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility and Tenure

R483-3. Policy

3.1. Plans to Reduce Awards of Tenure: It is the policy of the Board of Higher Education that tenure quotas not be imposed. In lieu of a quota system, each institution shall develop a rigorous annual review procedure for all non-tenured faculty members, and shall submit, every five years, a plan showing how the number of faculty members awarded tenure will be limited.

3.2. Annual Reports: Institutions within the System also shall submit to their respective institutional boards of trustees, with a copy to the Board of Higher Education, an annual report revealing the number of faculty members eligible for tenure and the number awarded tenure.

Adopted December 16, 1984, amended May 15, 1985.