R553, Revenue-generating Activities

R553-1. Purpose:  To provide definitions and guidelines for categories of revenue-generating activities and events.

R553-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-6-102 (Standardized Systems Prescribed by the Board)

2.2.  Utah Code §53B-7-1-101(10) (Each Institution Handles Its Own Financial Affairs Under the General Supervision of the Board)

2.3. Board Policy R550, Auxiliary Enterprises Operation and Accountability

2.4. Board Policy R565-3, Internal Audit Activities, Definitions

R553-3. Definitions

3.1. Revenue-generating Activities or Events: “Revenue-generating activities or events,” for purposes of this policy, are activities or events for which the respective institution charges or should charge an entry or rental fee for use of institutional facilities and amenities.  Examples of revenue-generating events or activities include but are not limited to:

3.1.1. Performances by Professional Entertainers: Performance events that require entry fees that are not accounted for in Auxiliary Enterprises as defined in R550.

3.1.2. Activities Serving Outside Parties:  Activities or events allowing non-institutional parties use of institutional facilities and amenities for a fee.

3.1.3. Auxiliary Enterprises: Auxiliary enterprises as defined in R550.

3.2. Exempt Activities or Events:  The following activities and events are not considered “revenue-generating activities or events” for the purposes of this policy:

3.2.2. Activities or Events that are Institutional Instructional Programs: Activities or events that are associated with the institution’s instructional programs.

3.2.3. Activities or Events that Fulfill Public Service Roles and Support the Institution’s Mission:  Activities or events that the institution’s president has designated, in writing, as a public service that supports the institution’s mission.

R553-4. Policy

4.1. Contribution to Operations and Maintenance: Institutions that host revenue-generating activities or events shall charge a fee to the event or activity sponsor that will contribute to the costs of physical plant operations and maintenance and other associated expenses.  The institution shall deposit the portion of the fees that contribute to operations and maintenance costs into the physical plant operations budget from which the costs originated.

4.2. Schedule of Fees: Institutions shall develop a schedule of appropriate fees charged for revenue-generating activities or events.

4.3. Annual Fee Schedule Certification: Institutions shall annually certify they have complied with this policy and submit their fee schedules to the Board of Higher Education Audit Manger by January 15.

Approved January 22, 2016, amended March 31, 2017.