R581, Payment of Dues and Memberships

R581-1. Purpose: To provide guidelines for the payment of dues and memberships by the institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education to permit the universities and colleges to maintain affiliation with a broad range of organizations for purposes of free flow of knowledge, information exchange, accreditation, the enhancement of professional development, service to students, and the promotion and maintenance of effective research programs, particularly at the university level.

R581-2. References

2.1. Utah Code 53B-2-106 (Duties and Responsibilities of the President)

2.2. Utah Code 53B-7-101 (Financial Affairs Under the General Supervision of the Board)

R581-3. Policy

3.1. President Authorized to Approve Payment: The President of each public university and college is authorized to approve the payment of organizational dues and memberships as required and deemed necessary for the effective operation of said public university or college, its authorized colleges, schools, departments, and agencies, in accordance with its basic role assigned by the Board of Higher Education.

3.2. Special Approval for Individual Memberships: Funds administered by any institution will not be used to acquire memberships in associations required or desired by individuals with current employment assignments. Where such memberships are essential to the effective operation of an institutional program, exceptions may be made only with the authorization of the President or appropriate administrative officers designated by her or him.

3.3. Expenditures Examined and Controlled: All expenditures for institutional membership fees and association dues should be carefully examined and controlled in the interests of the foregoing purposes and also for purposes of publicĀ accountability.

Adopted September 16, 1975, amended September 2, 1999.