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R623, Free Application for Federal Student Aid

R623-1 Purpose: Require applicants for certain state scholarships to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to ensure applicants have leveraged all available federal financial aid to cover the cost of higher education, provide instruction for applicants to opt out of the requirements of this policy and provide instructions to financial aid officers.


R-623-2 References

2.1 Utah Code Title 53B Part 8, Chapter 8, Section 105—New Century Scholarships

2.2 Utah Code Title 53B Part 8, Section 115, Career and Technical Education Scholarships

2.3 Utah Code Title 53B, Part 8, Section 116—Terrel H. Bell Education Scholarship Program

2.4 Utah Code Title 53B, Part 13a, Section 104—Success Stipend Program Act

2.5 Utah Code Title 53B, Part 13b, Section 104—Veterans Tuition Gap Program Act


R-623-3 Definitions

3.1 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) The financial reporting forms used for application and reapplication to determine the need and eligibility of a student for financial assistance as described in 20 USC 1089.


R-623-4 Policy

4.1 Institutions shall require applicants for the following scholarships to complete the FAFSA to     the extent that it will benefit an individual student’s ability to maximize financial aid opportunities:

4.1.1 Terrel H. Bell Education Scholarship Program—Board Policy R621

4.1.2 New Century Scholarship—Board Policy R604

4.1.3 Higher Education Success Stipend Program—Board Policy R605

4.1.4 Veterans Tuition Gap Program—Board Policy R611

4.1.5 Career and Technical Education Scholarship Program—Board Policy R622

4.2 Applicant Opt Out: An applicant may opt out of the requirement to complete the FAFSA due to:

4.2.1 Financial ineligibility for any potential grant or other financial aid;

4.2.2 Personal privacy concerns; or

4.2.3 Advice of the institution based on its assessment of the factors that may impact a student’s ability to access maximum financial aid opportunities.

4.3 Institution advisors shall, to the extent practicable, encourage all of students to annually complete the FAFSA.

4.4 Institutions shall ensure staff and faculty who advise students on financial aid are properly trained on the benefits of completing the FAFSA.

Adopted May 15, 2020