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R751, Institutional Facilities Space Utilization

R751-1. Purpose: To provide a system-wide policy and standard for the utilization of classrooms and teaching laboratories as well as an annual reporting requirement that together will encourage the optimization of institutional space and the more efficient allocation of institutional resources in the assignment and utilization of available space.

R751-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-103 (Establishment of Board of Higher Education – Powers, duties, and authority)

2.2.Utah Code §53B-6-102 (Standardized Systems Prescribed by the Board)

2.2. Policies and Procedures R701, Capital Facilities

2.3. Policies and Procedures R706, Capital Facilities Master Planning

R751-3. Policy

3.1. Efficient and Effective Use of Space:  Institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education shall ensure that all capital assets are used effectively and efficiently.  Institutions shall take steps to maximize the use of space in existing buildings through long-term strategic planning and routine use of utilization information.

3.2. Central Scheduling: Classrooms and teaching laboratories should be centrally scheduled by the institution.  Departments and colleges should not have proprietary use or control of classrooms and teaching laboratories but may be accorded priority scheduling by the central scheduling office if warranted.  Deviations from this rule should be rare and documented by the Chief Academic Officer.

 3.3. Annual Classroom and Laboratory Utilization Report to the Board of Higher Education: The Commissioner shall report annually to the Board of Higher Education the utilization of classrooms and laboratories owned and operated by the institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education.

3.3.1. Institutional Utilization Information: In accordance with procedures and forms developed by the Commissioner’s Office, institutions shall annually submit utilization information for institutionally owned classroom and teaching laboratory space by December 1 of each year.  That information shall include:

Utilization by term including summer, spring, and fall terms

Utilization by campus including branch campuses and main campuses

Utilization by building and room

3.3.2. Institutional Reporting: Institutions shall ensure that information provided to the Commissioner’s Office is accurate and conforms to prescribed standards.  Institutions may adopt guidelines or policy to ensure the effective reporting of classroom and teaching laboratory utilization.

3.4. Classroom and Teaching Laboratory Utilization Standards:  Higher education institutions traditionally monitor room utilization using two metrics: Room Utilization Rates (RUR) and Station Occupancy Rates (SOR).  RUR measures how many hours a room is scheduled for use in given time period and SOR measures the number of seats or stations that are occupied as a percent of total capacity.  The following standards are adopted for classroom and teaching laboratory utilization in the Utah System of Higher Education for Fall and Spring semester on main campuses:

Classroom RUR: 75% scheduling of all classrooms during a 45-hour week—33.75 hours per week

Classroom SOR: 66.7% seat occupancy

Laboratory RUR: 55% scheduling of all laboratories during a 45-hour week—24.75 hours per week

Laboratory SOR: 80% station occupancy

3.5. Annual Institutional Utilization Report to the Board of Higher Education: Each president shall annually report to the Board institutional space utilization goals and accomplishments in conjunction with the annual capital facility request cycle in a format prescribed by the Commissioner’s Office.

3.6. Institutional Policies: Each president shall develop an institutional space scheduling, utilization, and assignment policy that addresses the utilization of institutional space by March 1, 2019.  Copies of adopted institutional policies shall be filed with the Commissioner’s Office.

Adopted March 30, 2018.