R761, Physical Education, Intramural Sports and Special Event Facilities

R761-1. Purpose: To provide guidelines for the development and funding of physical education, intramural sports and special event facilities.

R761-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-6-101 (Master Planning – Board Establishes Criteria to Meet Capital Budgetary Needs)

2.2. Utah Code §53B-20-101 (Property of Institutions to Vest in State Board)

2.3. Policy and Procedures R710, Capital Facilities

2.4.Policy and Procedures R741, Capital Development Prioritization – CDP

R761-3. Policy

3.1. Benefits of Physical Education: The Board of Higher Education reaffirms its support for physical education training and intramural sports as an integral part of the higher education process at all nine institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education. The Board also recognizes the benefits which these programs, and the facilities which support them, provide for the students and for citizens in the surrounding communities as sources of recreation and physical health and well-being.

3.2. Need to Supplement State Funding: State resources to fund adequate campus facilities for physical education and recreational activities are limited. Accordingly, in order to assure an equitable and balanced allocation of available funds for higher education purposes, every effort must be made to supplement state funding of campus-based physical education facilities with additional resources coming primarily from individuals who will realize the benefits derived from their existence.

3.3. Local Financial Support: The Board of Higher Education will hereafter recommend appropriation of state funds for campus physical education facilities only if it is assured that local resources from private gifts, local community bonding, and/or student fees will also be used, in appropriate degree, to fund a reasonable share of the cost of constructing, enlarging, or remodeling the facilities.

3.4. Proportionate Shares Customized: The proportionate shares of the facilities to be recommended for funding from private, local, and state funds, respectively, will be determined in each case based on the totality of the relevant circumstances, including but not limited to the scope and character of the proposed facilities, the ability of the institution and surrounding community to provide local financial support, the capability of the student body to contribute to the project through mandatory student fees, the expected availability of state resources for the project, and equitable considerations based upon experience with respect to similar projects at the same and other institutions in previous years.

3.5. Project Approval and Funding Consideration:  The need for and consideration of funding for these facilities will be evaluated during the annual capital development approval and prioritization cycle in accordance with the above tenets and the quantitative elements of Policy R741, Capital Development Prioritization – CDP.

Approved January 18, 1983, amended July 19, 2013.