R763, Funding of Parking Facilities Repair Costs

R763-1. Purpose: To provide for funding of parking lot repair costs based on relative need.

R763-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-6-101 (Master Planning – Board Establishes Criteria to Meet Capital Budgetary Needs)

2.2. Utah Code §53B-20-101 (Property of Institutions to Vest in State Board)

2.3. Utah Code Title 63A, Chapter 5 (State Building Board – Division of Facilities Construction and Management)

2.4. Policy and Procedures R710, Capital Facilities

R763-3. Background Information

3.1. Parking Facilities at all Campuses: The eight institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) operate automobile parking facilities on their campuses for use by faculty, students, staff, and visitors as an authorized, necessary, and proper function of higher education.

3.2. Financial Support of Parking Facilities: Several of the USHE institutions manage their parking services as essentially self-supported auxiliary operations, and impose user fees that are significant in amount although not necessarily sufficient to meet the full needs of parking services; others charge moderate or nominal fees to parking lot users; while some institutions permit on-campus parking without the payment of a fee.

3.3. Parking Fees: USHE institutions may impose parking fees and require the use of decals or other identifying markers upon vehicles for which such fees have been paid for the purpose of helping to defray the cost of parking services operations which may include monitoring on-campus vehicular parking to reduce congestion and promote safety and security, funding parking facilities, and encouraging greater use of public transit systems for energy and environmental conservation purposes.

3.4. Capital Improvement Funding: The Utah State Building Board receives annual appropriations of Capital Improvement funding for the purpose of repairing and restoring the highest priority capital asset (buildings and infrastructure) needs of the State, including the parking lots of all units of state government.

R763-4. Policy

4.1. Allocation of State Capital Improvement Funds: It is the policy of the Board of Higher Education to regard all USHE institutions as eligible for allocation of Capital Improvement funds for parking lot repairs based on the relative need of their respective parking facilities for repair work.

4.2. Implementation by Building Board and DFCM: It is expressly anticipated that the Division of Facilities, Construction and Management and the Utah State Building Board will give appropriate consideration to the parking lot repair needs of all USHE institutions in the annual evaluation and allocation of Capital Improvement funding provided by the State Legislature.

Approved December 20, 1983, amended May 17, 2013.