R811, Guidelines for Classification of Non-Exempt Personnel

R811-1. Purpose: To provide guidelines for each institution’s classification plan and pay ranges for all regular, full-time, non-exempt positions within the institution.

R811-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-2-106 (Duties and Responsibility of the President – Approval of the Board of Trustees)

2.2. Utah Code §53B-7-101 (Combined Requests for Appropriation – Board Review of Operating Budgets)

R811-3. Policy

3.1. Classification Plan: Each institution shall prepare, maintain, and revise a position classification plan for all regular, full-time, non-exempt positions within the institution.

3.1.1. Such classifications within the institution shall be based on similarity of duties performed and responsibilities assumed, so that there are similar qualifications for all positions in the same class.

3.1.2. The position of every regular, full-time, non-exempt employee within the institution shall be included in one of the classes in the institution’s plan.

3.1.3. Each institution shall review its classification plan periodically to ensure that it remains reasonably current and reflects the duties and responsibilities assigned to and performed by employees.

3.2. Pay Ranges: Each institution shall prepare, maintain, and revise pay ranges for the classification plan for all regular, full-time, non-exempt positions within the institution.

3.2.1. The pay ranges shall be designed to achieve, to the degree that funds will permit, equity within the institution, and comparability of institutional salaries to wages and salaries paid by private enterprise and other public employment for similar work.

3.2.2. Each class of positions in the classification plan shall have an assigned pay range. The width of the range assigned to a class shall be set to provide for appropriate growth and productivity potential of employees. The width shall be wide enough to accommodate adequate salary differentials among the various levels of positions in the class. The width of the ranges need not be uniform for all classes of positions in the plan.

3.3. Market Surveys by the Office of the Commissioner: The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE), with the assistance of the institutions, shall periodically conduct market surveys for employee positions covered by this policy.

3.3.1. OCHE and the institutions shall establish survey criteria to assure that the market is adequately surveyed and that data is reflective of the market. This shall include the periodic review and updating of non-exempt bench mark positions.

3.3.2. OCHE will analyze the results of the survey to insure adequate matches of institutional and marketplace data and to identify the relationships of institutional salaries to the marketplace.

3.3.3. The results of OCHE’s analysis shall be made available for public review.

3.4. Board Considers Surveys in Budget Recommendations: The Board shall consider the results of the market surveys in the preparation of budget recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature.

3.5. Salary Increases for Meritorious Performance: Salary increases granted to employees shall include consideration of meritorious performance, as funding is available.

Approved April 26, 1991.