R817, Collective Bargaining for Higher Education Employees

R817-1. Purpose: To prohibit collective bargaining in the Utah System of Higher Education consistent with rights afforded state and political subdivisions under federal and state law.

R817-2. References

2.1. 29 USC §152(2) (National Labor Relations Act)

2.2. Utah Code §34-20-2(5) (Utah Employment Relations and Collective Bargaining Act)

2.3. Utah Code §53B-2-106 (Duties and Responsibilities of the President – Approval of the Board of Trustees)

R817-3. Policy

3.1. No Collective Bargaining: Consistent with rights afforded by state and federal law, it is the policy of the Board of Higher Education that institutions of higher education shall not recognize organizations for the purpose of collective bargaining.

Approved January 25, 1977, replaced May 29, 1998.