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R840, Institutional Business Communications

R840-1. Purpose: To ensure USHE institutions collect and maintain all business email communications in the institutions’ enterprise email systems for security, auditability, records management, document preservation, personnel actions, archiving and destruction, and other purposes as appropriate.

R840-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-2-103

2.2. Board Policy R121

R840-3. Definitions

3.1. “Enterprise Email Service” means the email system by which the institution engages in official business, such as, or  Enterprise email service does not include a separate, affiliated email service the institution offers to alumni or other groups.

3.2. “Institutional Business Email Communications” means an email communication that an employee, officer, volunteer or other designated individual has sent as part of his or her duties on behalf of the institution, and other email communications the institution has designated as business communications.

R840-4. Policy

4.1. Institutions shall establish a policy that requires its employees, officers, or other designated individuals to use only the institution’s enterprise email system when conducting institutional business by email.

4.2. The policy must specifically prohibit employees from using any private or non-enterprise email service for institutional email business.

4.3. Institutional employees shall maintain institutional business email communications in compliance with records retention regulations, records management regulation, or any applicable law or policy.

 Adopted March 29, 2019