R854a, Regents Professorships

R854-1. Purpose: To establish and provide guidelines for the administration of Regents Professorships for outgoing presidents and commissioners of the Utah System of Higher Education.

R854-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-105 (Appointment of Commissioner of Higher Education)

2.2. Utah Code §53B-2-102 (Board to Appoint President of Each Institution)

2.3. Policy and Procedures R209, Appraisal of Chief Executive Officers

2.4. Policy and Procedures R481, Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility and Tenure

2.5. Policy and Procedures R851, Guidelines for Retirement Programs

2.6. Policy and Procedures R853, Transition and Retirement Provisions for Chief Executive Officers

R854-3. Policy

3.1. Eligibility: The Board may award the title of Regents Professor to a president or commissioner who elects to assume or resume a faculty position after serving as president or commissioner for a period of at least seven years.

3.2. Appointment and Term of Service: With the agreement of the Board, the receiving institution, and the receiving department, an eligible individual may be appointed a Regents Professor by the Board for a period of three years, with renewal subject to institutional post-tenure review policies and procedures, consistent with Board policy R481.

3.2.1. Terms: The Regents Professorship provides an office, telephone, personal computer, allowances for supplies and travel, and other privileges of an active faculty member. Regents Professors shall provide an annual report of their activities to appropriate campus officers, the commissioner’s office, and the Board of Higher Education.

3.2.2. Budget: The salary and benefits of Regents Professorships shall be borne by the Utah System of Higher Education institutions and shall be transferred to the receiving institution for the term of service of the Regents Professor. Support and office costs of the Regents Professorship shall be borne by the institution receiving service.

3.2.3. Salary: A Regents Professor shall receive an academic year salary, not to exceed the level of a leading academic faculty member in the field or discipline to which the outgoing president/commissioner will be assigned, or a leading faculty salary on the institutional salary schedule, for the university or community college of assignment, respectively. The Commissioner may be required to estimate, based upon information from other Utah System of Higher Education institutions, what the salary level should be in cases where there are no academic faculty members in the unit to which the outgoing president/commissioner will be reassigned, whose seniority and career accomplishments match those of the outgoing president/commissioner.

3.3. Transition: An outgoing president/commissioner preparing to assume a Regents Professorship may request a period of professional development in which to prepare to return to the duties of a full time academic faculty member as provided in R853, Transition and Retirement Provisions for Chief Executive Officers. In addition to the provisions of R853, the outgoing president/commissioner is subject to the following:

3.3.1. Activity Plan and Agreement to Perform: The president/commissioner shall submit a proposal for the Board’s review and approval describing a plan of activity during the leave, together with a written commitment agreeing to the performance of academic duties in the academic faculty position for at least one (1) year after completion of the professional development period.

3.3.2. Terms of Transition Leave: Perquisites associated with the office of president/commissioner, including, but not limited to automobile, housing and host allowances, shall not be continued during the period of professional development. The costs, salary and benefits payable to the outgoing president/commissioner during the transition leave shall be borne by the outgoing president’s/commissioner’s budgetary unit.

Approved April 24, 1998. *This policy applies to Presidents and Commissioners hired prior to October 1, 2004. R854 applies to hires October 1, 2004 and after.