R903, University of Utah Identification Cards

R903-1. Purpose: To outline the policy of providing identification cards to authorized Commissioners Office personnel who are paid through the University of Utah payroll system.

R903-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-106 (Appointment of Commissioner’s Staff)

2.2. Policy and Procedures R141, Duties of the Commissioner of Higher Education

R903-3. Policy

3.1. Eligibility: University of Utah identification cards will be provided to all benefit eligible staff employees who are paid under the University of Utah payroll system. The registrar’s office at the University of Utah is responsible for processing and distributing identification cards. Initial cards will be provided without charge. A fee will be charged by the University of Utah to defray the cost of replacement of lost, stolen or confiscated cards.

3.2. Use: Identification cards are to be used primarily to assist authorized card holders in identifying themselves for the purpose of obtaining the following privileges at the University of Utah, subject to applicable rules and regulations:

3.2.1. Cashing checks on campus.

3.2.2. Library use.

3.2.3. Bookstore discounts.

3.2.4. Use of campus recreation facilities.

3.2.5. Athletic, lecture, concerts, and theater admissions and/or ticket discounts.

3.3. For Personal Benefit: The privileges associated with an identification card are intended solely for the personal benefit of the card holder and are available only when the card is presented by the card holder in person, or by a representative authorized in writing to do so. An identification card that is presented by a person other than the card holder or such representative for the purpose of receiving any such privilege improperly may be confiscated.

3.4. Cards Permanent: Identification cards have been designed to serve staff members for the duration of their association with the Commissioner’s Office.

3.5. Cards Turned in Upon Termination: All staff identification cards shall be turned in upon termination of personnel to the Personnel Officer.

3.6. Lifetime validation upon retirement: Staff paid through the University of Utah payroll system and retiring from the Commissioner’s Office after five years of continuous service immediately prior to retirement, will be entitled to a University of Utah identification card with a lifetime validation. Cards will be provided without charge at the time of retirement. The office of personnel administration at the University of Utah will authorize the issuance of these cards in compliance with University of Utah policies.

Adopted July 19, 1983; amended June 18, 1993.