R914, Personnel Orientation for Permanent Employees

R914-1. Purpose: To assure that new permanent employees who are to be paid through the University of Utah are properly entered on the payroll system and that all necessary benefits enrollment procedures are followed.

R914-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-106 (Appointment of Commissioner’s Staff)

2.2. Policy and Procedures R141, Duties of the Commissioner of Higher Education

2.3. Policy and Procedures R937, Insurance Programs

2.4. Policy and Procedures R962, Retirement Programs

R914-3. Policy

3.1. Personnel Forms Submitted: Appropriate personnel forms must be completed and submitted for all new employees to be paid through the University of Utah payroll system.

3.2. Orientation Meetings: Orientation meetings are intended to assure that all employees hear, discuss, and enroll in benefits requirements and options. Orientation meetings are conducted by staff of the University of Utah Personnel Office. While most benefits programs are voluntary, state law requires employees to be enrolled in a retirement plan: Utah State Retirement for nonexempt employees and TIAA-CREF for exempt employees. Tax forms and other payroll-related documents may be signed during orientation. The orientation program provides employees with a brief discussion on University of Utah policies and procedures. Photographs are taken for I.D. cards.

3.3. Scheduling Orientation: Whenever possible an employee will be scheduled for orientation within three days after the date of hire. Special orientations may be arranged through the Personnel Officer for persons whose working hours do not coincide with scheduled orientation meetings.

3.4. Immigration Compliance Documentation: Each new employees will be required to present documentation at the orientation attesting that he or she is authorized to work in compliance with the Immigration Reform Act of 1986. If the employee cannot attend orientation within three days of hire, specific arrangements must be made with the Personnel Officer for this verification.

Approved September 24, 1993.