R924, Performance Improvement

R924-1. Purpose: To establish a process through which a supervisor or manager can address an employee’s poor performance.

R924-2. References

2.1. Policy R910, Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination

2.2. Policy R941, Staff Compensation

2.3. Policy R951, Staff Employee Grievances

2.4. Policy R964, Corrective Action and Termination of Staff Personnel

R924-3. Scope: This policy applies to all permanent staff employees of OCHE who have satisfactorily completed their probationary period.

R924-4. Policy: When an employee’s performance does not meet established standards due to failure to maintain skills, incompetence, or inefficiency, and after consulting with the Director of Human Resources or their designee, management may place an employee on a documented performance improvement plan in accordance with the following guidelines:

4.1. The supervisor shall discuss the substandard performance with the employee and determine appropriate action.

4.2. An employee shall have the right to submit written comment to accompany the performance improvement plan.

4.3. Performance improvement plans shall identify or provide for:

4.3.1. a designated period of time for improvement, but no longer than ninety days

4.3.2. an opportunity for remediation;

4.3.3. performance expectations;

4.3.4. closer supervision to include regular feedback of the employee’s progress;

4.3.5. notice of disciplinary action for failure to improve; and,

4.3.6. written performance evaluation at the conclusion of the performance improvement plan.

4.4. Performance improvement plans may also identify or provide for the following based on the nature of the performance issue:

4.4.1. training;

4.4.2. reassignment;

4.4.3. use of appropriate leave,

4.5. If an employee fails to meet performance expectations of his or her performance improvement plan, management may take appropriate action under R964, Corrective  Action and Termination of Staff Personnel, including treating the failure as a second incident and subjecting the employee to substantial corrective action.

4.6. If an employee successfully completes a performance improvement plan, management shall notify the employee of disciplinary consequences if the employee begins demonstrating deficient work performance, up to and including dismissal.

4.7. A written warning may also be used as an appropriate form of performance improvement as determined by the supervisor.

4.8. A Permanent Staff employee has the right to the grievance process found in R951, Staff Employee Grievances, but only if the employee has reason to believe that the procedures pertaining to this policy have been violated.

Adopted July 19, 1983, amended January 9, 1987 and June 4, 1999; replaced April 21, 2006 and amended September 21, 2018.