R927, Use and Security of Property

R927-1. Purpose: To describe the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) policy toward the use of OCHE property and the manner in which it should be safeguarded against possible loss or misuse.

R927-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-106 (Appointment of Commissioner’s Staff)

2.2. Policy and Procedures R141, Duties of the Commissioner of Higher Education

2.3. Policy and Procedures R926, Use of Office-owned IT Resources

R927-3. Policy

3.1. Office Hours: OCHE is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Certain areas of the office are open at other times to meet particular needs.

3.2. Responsibility to Lock Offices: It is the responsibility of all personnel using the offices after regular hours to see that lights are turned off in the rooms they are vacating and that office doors and outside doors are secured.

3.3. Investigations of Unauthorized Use: Employees and building security personnel will investigate night use of the offices to ascertain whether persons in the office are authorized.

3.4. Security Maintenance: Personnel should use all precautions in maintaining the highest level of security in order to protect OCHE property.

3.5. Keys and Security Cards: To facilitate the security of the Commissioner’s Offices and property, keys and security cards to the offices and building may be obtained from Human Resources. Human Resources should assure that keys, security cards, U of U identification cards, telephone calling cards, and office credit cards are returned before personnel leave OCHE employment.

3.6. Occasional Conduct of Personal Matters: It is expected that every employee in OCHE will give full measure in fulfilling his or her assignments and responsibilities. During the course of the normal working day only incidental conduct of personal matters is permitted. More extensive conduct of personal matters during normal working hours must be approved by the individual’s supervisor. Extensive conduct of personal matters at the office outside of normal working hours must also be approved by the individual’s supervisor.

3.7. Personal Use: All property, supplies, and services purchased with Commissioner’s Office funds should be used only in the operation of OCHE. They may not be used for personal business, except in circumstances explicitly allowed by OCHE policy.

3.7.1. Personal use of the IT Resources is authorized only as provided in R926.

3.7.2. Personal copies and printing made on office machines should be reimbursed to the Accounting Office at published rates.

3.8. Parking Validations: Parking validations are available from the Receptionists for visitors to OCHE on official business only. The Receptionist is not authorized to issue parking validations to office personnel or to personal guests of office personnel. Validations for personal use may be purchased from the Accounting Office.

3.9. Postage Meter: The office postage meter is not available for personal use.

3.10. Office Credit Cards: Employees needing to use a credit card for conducting official office business may choose to sign up for an office sponsored credit card. These cards will be issued by the University of Utah and must be returned upon termination of the employee. Cardholders must follow both University of Utah and card guidelines. The employee will be billed directly by the credit card issuer and is responsible for all amounts charged to the card.

Adopted July 19, 1983, amended April 16, 1993, June 4, 1999 and October 26, 2006.