R938, Workers Compensation Insurance

R938-1. Purpose: To establish Commissioner’s Office policy and procedures for prompt treatment of work-related illness and injuries and to establish reporting procedures which meet the requirements of the Utah Workers Compensation Act and the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Act (UOSHA).

R938-2. References

2.1. Utah Code §53B-1-106 (Appointment of Commissioner’s Staff)

2.2. Policy and Procedures R141, Duties of the Commissioner of Higher Education

R938-3. Definitions

3.1. “Work-Related Injury”: Any injury suffered by an employee in the course and scope of his/her work assignment or any illness resulting directly from the performance of assigned duties.

3.2. “Lost Work Time”: Absence from an assigned work station or area during regular work hours, as determined by the Commissioner’s Office to be the result of an employee’s inability to perform his/her work assignment due to a work-related injury.

R938-4. Policy

4.1. Work Environment and Safety Standards: The Commissioner’s Office will provide a safe work environment for all of its employees. Adequate and acceptable occupational safety and health standards shall be maintained at all times. The Commissioners Office and each employee will comply with the UOSHA law and rules.

4.1.1. It is the duty and responsibility of each Commissioners Office employee to report immediately to his/her supervisor evidence of any unsafe condition(s) found in the working place. If the evidence indicates that the existence of an unsafe condition in the working place is probable, the supervisor must report it immediately to the Personnel Officer.

4.2.2. Supervisory personnel will enforce safety regulations and issue such rules as may be necessary to safeguard the health and lives of employees. They will warn employees of any dangerous condition and permit no one to work in an unsafe place, except for the purpose of making it safe.

4.2. Workers Compensations Insurance: The Commissioner’s Office will provide insurance protection for all of its paid employees and volunteers against work-related injury through the Workers Compensation Act. All workers compensation claims shall be reported to and handled by the University of Utah Public Safety Office.

4.3. Treatment of Work-Related Injuries and Required Reporting: Prompt medical treatment will be provided to employees suffering work related injuries. Each employee, supervisor, and department head is responsible for the timely reporting of work-related injuries as set forth in R938-5.

R938-5. Procedures

5.1. Injuries Requiring Medical Treatment: Work-related injuries should be treated at a conveniently located medical facility. The Personnel Officer must be immediately notified of the injury by the injured employee’s supervisor. In addition, an occupational injury/illness report must be completed and submitted by the employee or the employee’s supervisor to the Personnel Officer. The Personnel Officer shall submit the form to the University of Utah Public Safety Division within 24 hours of the injury.

5.2. Injuries Not Requiring Medical Treatment: If a work-related injury does not require medical treatment, the Occupational Injury/Illness Report must be completed and delivered by the injured employee or the employee’s supervisor to the Personnel Officer. The Personnel Officer shall submit the form to the University of Utah Public Safety Division within 24 hours after the injury.

5.3. Investigation

5.3.1. Reported incidents indicating hazardous working conditions will be investigated by the Commissioner or her/his designee. The investigating officer shall prepare a detailed report of the investigation, together with recommendations.

5.3.2. A copy of the report will be forwarded to the Commissioner.

5.3.3. It is the express responsibility of the Commissioner or his/her designee to promptly initiate action to eliminate any hazardous working conditions, including a request for necessary funding where appropriate.

5.3.4. The Commissioner or her/his designee shall make appropriate compliance reviews to determine that the hazardous situation has been corrected or that correctional action has been initiated.

5.4. Compensation for Lost Work Time: If, due to a work-related injury, the attending physician determines that the employee cannot perform his/her work assignments for a period of more than three days, determined in accordance with the Workers Compensation Act and related regulations, the employee is eligible for workers compensation lost work time payments, pursuant to the following procedures:

5.4.1. The attending physician must complete and forward a Physician’s First Report of Injury, a detailed medical report, and an invoice to the Workers Compensation Fund.

5.4.2. Compensation is computed in accordance with the Workers Compensation Act and payments will be processed to eligible employees by and from the State of Utah Workers Compensation Fund.

5.4.3. Sick leave benefits may be paid to eligible employees in accordance with the rules governing sick leave payments. Any sick leave paid shall be reduced by the amount of workers compensation received. See Policy R928.

5.5. Record Keeping: The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires that complete and adequate records of work-related injuries be maintained for all Commissioner’s Office employees. The Personnel Officer, together with the University of Utah, shall maintain the required records for the Commissioner’s Office.

5.6. Reports: In cooperation with the Public Safety Office at the University of Utah, the Personnel Officer shall prepare reports as required UOSHA.

Adopted July 19, 1983; amended June 18, 1993.