2015 Regents’ Scholarship applications now accepted

The Regents’ Scholarship Application for 2015 Utah high school graduates is now available. High school seniors who plan to graduate in 2015 are eligible to apply.  The Regents’ Scholarship was established to help junior high and high school students become “college-ready” by high school graduation.  The requirements for receiving the scholarship are beyond those required for high school graduation. The scholarship, established in 2008, continues its double-digit percentage growth in applicants.

Different Than Other Scholarships

Because the Regents’ Scholarship has clearly-defined requirements eligibility, it differs from most scholarship awards which are lottery-based and/or variable depending on the current applicant pool. In addition, the Utah Legislature provides ongoing support for the scholarship by appropriating state tax funds to fund its awards. The detailed requirements and accountability of funds require detailed documentation and verification of award eligibility. For students, this may seem cumbersome, but with some planning and a proactive approach, the application process goes smoothly.

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Application and Review Process

The application and review process is made up of 2 phases:

1) Initial Review

Priority Application Period (November 17, 2014 – December 19, 2014)

Applications received by the priority deadline have the opportunity to verify that all documents were successfully received by the scholarship office. Upon submission, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the scholarship office directly. In addition, applications submitted by the priority deadline may be given first priority, or first consideration for the scholarship.

General Application Period (December 20, 2014 – February 2, 2015)

Regents’ Scholarship applications received during this period are accepted and students may still contact the scholarship office to verify receipt of all necessary application materials, however there is no guarantee that applicants will have enough time during that period to receive a response and submit any additional required information. Applications must be hand-delivered or postmarked February 2, 2015. Applications received or postmarked after this date are not be accepted.

2) Final Review

Final Submission Period (June 1, 2015 – July 1, 2015)

All applicants will receive an Initial Review Notification indicating if a student is not eligible or is “on track” by May 1, 2015. All required documentation outlined in the Review Notification Letter must be submitted by July 1, 2015. This includes high school transcripts, official college transcripts (including concurrent enrollment), proof of college registration for Fall 2015, ACT scores, and all other required and signed documentation).

Contacting the USHE Scholarship Office

The USHE Scholarship Office will provide written notifications to applicants regarding the outcome of the review:

  • Initial Review Notification – indicating if a student is not eligible or is “on-track” to receive the scholarship upon successful completion of high school as indicated in the application.  This is not an award letter.
  • Award/Denial Letter – notifying applicants of their award or denial of the Regents’ Scholarship

Applicants should plan to contact the USHE Scholarship Office at least twice during the application process:

  • Upon initial submission of an application (ideally before the Priority deadline on December 19, 2014)
  • After an applicant, who is considered “on track”, submits final verification information before July1, 2015. Due to the large volume of mail, a minimum of 10 business days is needed to process student’s documents in order to verify receipt of the documents.

Contact the USHE Scholarship Office


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