Utah Board of Higher Education Training

Board Role & Responsibilities

The Utah Legislature established the Utah Board of Higher Education on July 1, 2020, and enacted specific and comprehensive responsibilities and authorities.

The Board of Higher Education is the governing board for the institutions of higher education, which controls, oversees, and regulates the Utah System of Higher Education.

Meetings & Procedures

Members of the Utah Board of Higher Education must follow specific procedures when conducting meetings for both the Committee of the Whole and committee meetings of the Board.

Institutional Roles & Program Approval

One of the Utah Board of Higher Education’s core responsibilities is to “establish, approve, and oversee each institution’s mission and role.” The Legislature establishes basic categories of roles, and the Board expands and clarifies those roles through policy. 

Finance & Facilities

By statute, the Utah Board of Higher Education is charged with creating and implementing a strategic finance plan for higher education. Key elements of this Board responsibility include:

  • Establishing comprehensive budget and finance priorities, including developing and submitting a consolidated annual budget recommendation to the Governor and Legislature on behalf of USHE institutions.
  • Setting tuition for each institution.
  • Administering state financial aid programs.
  • Administering performance funding.
  • Developing a strategic capital facility plan and prioritization process.

Each of the above core finance and facilities related Board responsibilities are linked to corresponding background and training materials.

Legislative Process

The Utah Board of Higher Education is required by statute to submit unified budget priorities in preparation for the annual legislative session. The Board will follow a general timeline to determine priorities and may subsequently convene leading up to and during the legislative session to revise priorities and consider additional proposals.

Workforce & Innovation

This section describes the workforce and innovation efforts of the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education through:

  • Talent Ready Utah
  • Innovation District at The Point



Data Training

The Board is given authority over data management for the System and institutions under Utah Code 53B-1-402 (2).

This section includes training on data governance, glossaries, and dashboards.

Board Communications

This section outlines the official communications designees for the Board and Commissioner’s Office. It also notes what to do in the event a Board member is contacted by a member of the public.

Administrative Materials

Instructions on accessing email, forms, disclosures, and more for members of the Utah Board of Higher Education are included in this section. Forms and disclosures must be returned to the Board Secretary.

This page is password protected. If you need to access and do not have the password, please contact: Brynn Fronk, brynn.fronk@ushe.edu.