Current Utah Board of Higher Education Resolutions

Resolution of Appreciation, Deneece G. Huftalin

“Whereas, Dr. Deneece G. Huftalin has dedicated more than three decades to Salt Lake Community College and has served as its eighth president since 2014; and

Whereas, under her leadership, SLCC has improved student success and ensured academic achievements through the launch of the SLCC Promise grant, which covers tuition and fees when federal grants fall short; establishing a robust Open Educational Resources initiative, saving SLCC students $24 million in textbook costs since 2014; and expanding the Partnership for Accessing College Education (PACE) Scholarship Program; and . . .”

Resolution of Appreciation, Rachel Prickett Passey

“Whereas, Rachel Prickett Passey has been a member of the Utah Board of Higher Education, representing the students attending public institutions within the Utah System of Higher Education, since 2024; and

Whereas, she is the first student Board member to complete a term of service on the newly reconstituted Board of Higher Education as the only student representative. During the 2023 legislative session, the Board of Higher Education was reconstituted to comprise of nine community members and one student member;
and . . .”

Resolution Establishing Expectations for Implementing Principles of Free Expression on Campus

“Whereas, on May 18, 2023, the Utah Board of Higher Education passed a Resolution on Freedom of Expression, establishing foundational principles of free speech for all Utah System of Higher Education institutions; and

Whereas, the Board desires to set expectations for how institutions will implement these broad principles of free expression operationally through specific policies, practices, and procedures;

Therefore, be it resolved, the Utah Board of Higher Education establishes the following expectations and directives to further its commitment to promoting and preserving free expression within the Utah System of Higher Education and cultivating a thriving marketplace of ideas: . . . “

Resolution Affirming the Necessity and Value of USHE Campus Police Independence in Investigations of Alleged Criminal Conduct

“WHEREAS, Utah System of Higher Education campus police departments provide important law enforcement and public safety services to their respective campus communities; and

WHEREAS, the Utah Board of Higher Education is committed to protecting the independence of the police departments so they can carry out law enforcement criminal investigations unfettered by interference from
the campus administration or others at their respective institutions; and

WHEREAS, the act of campus police seeking relevant institutional support during an investigation, such as interpretation from offices of General Counsel, does not constitute interference in the investigation of alleged
criminal conduct; and . . .”

Resolution on Freedom of Expression

“WHEREAS, freedom of expression “is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form
of freedom;” and

WHEREAS, the framers of the United States Constitution recognized that free speech is fundamental to maintaining liberty, cultivating an informed citizenry, and ensuring accountable government; and

WHEREAS, we believe the achievements and prosperity of the United States can be largely attributed to the vibrancy and excellence of American higher education; and . . . “