State of Utah Scholarships and Aid Programs

The state of Utah offers several programs to provide financial assistance to students. Below are three state-wide scholarships that provide options for all recent high school graduates to receive financial support to attend any public, Utah college or university. Read the information below and talk to your financial aid office to learn more about these and including programs for non-traditional students, adult learners, and current college students.

Utah Colleges / Universities

Public, Technical CollegesPublic, Degree Granting InstitutionsPrivate, non-profit Utah Institutions**
Bridgerland Technical CollegeSalt Lake Community College*Brigham Young University (Provo campus)
Davis Technical College Snow College*Ensign College
Dixie Technical CollegeSouthern Utah UniversityWestern Governors University
Mountainland Technical CollegeUniversity of UtahWestminster College
Ogden-Weber Technical CollegeUtah State University*
Southwest Technical CollegeUtah Tech University (formerly Dixie State University)
Tooele Technical CollegeUtah Valley University
Uintah Basin Technical CollegeWeber State University

*These degree-granting schools also offer technical education programs. The following Utah State regional campuses offer technical education programs: Utah State University – Eastern, Utah State University – Moab, and Utah State University – Blanding.

**This list is not exhaustive of all private colleges and universities in Utah but include those that participate in most state aid programs.

Higher Education Terms

Cost of attendance: scholarships that help cover “cost of attendance” can typically help students with tuition, fees, required books, room and board, and transportation. We strongly recommend checking with you college or university for more information about what costs each scholarship can help you with.

FAFSA: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a free application students can complete to qualify for federal grants, work-study, and loans. The FAFSA is required for several state and institutional aid programs. Many Utah high schools host free FAFSA completion nights to help students complete the online form. You can also find more resources to help complete the FAFSA here. Students can also find helpful resources and complete the FAFSA at

Opportunity Scholarship

The Opportunity Scholarship encourages students to complete advanced courses while in high school to prepare academically for college. Students must apply during their senior year of high school. This scholarship can help cover the cost of tuition and fees after other state aid is applied, with a maximum award amount set annually.

Recipients must graduate from a Utah high school, meet all academic requirements (see for details), complete a FAFSA, apply and meet all deadlines, and enroll or obtain an approved deferment at an eligible Utah school starting the fall semester immediately after high school graduation. Students should contact the state scholarship office for more information (click Learn More below).

Utah Promise Scholarship

The Utah Promise Scholarship is a statewide scholarship program that expands access to higher education opportunities to all Utahns by providing financial assistance to students who demonstrate financial need. It is available at Utah’s public colleges and universities (including technical colleges), as well as the following private, non-profit institutions in Utah – Brigham Young University (Provo), Ensign College, Western Governors University, and Westminster College. The Utah Promise Scholarship can help cover the cost of attendance for up to two years. Students should contact their financial aid office for more information about the requirements and applying for this scholarship.

T.H. Bell Education Scholarship​

The T.H. Bell Education Scholarship Program aims to recruit first-generation students into teaching, encourage outstanding students to work in high-need fields, and recognize teaching as a critically important career in Utah. T.H. Bell Scholarships may cover up to the cost of resident tuition, fees, and books. It also may be received for up to four consecutive years. Recipients must study in an approved education program. It can be used at all public or private institutions in Utah that offer an approved program.

Utah Private, Non-Profit School Scholarship

This application is for 2020 high school graduates who intended to apply for the Regents’ Scholarship but opted not to do so because their preferred Utah institution did not qualify.



Technical College Scholarships

The Technical Education Scholarship provides financial assistance to students pursuing a technical education certificate in high demand industries. This scholarship is available to recent high school graduates and adults who is enrolled in high demand program at a Utah technical college or a technical program at Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, USU Eastern, USU Moab, or USU Blanding. The scholarship can help cover the cost of tuition, fees, and required textbooks for up to three years. Students should contact the financial aid office at their school for more information about eligible programs, the requirements, and applying for this scholarship.

WICHE Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP)

The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) allows Utah residents to enroll in cooperating out-of-state optometry and podiatry professional programs because those fields of study are not available at public institutions in Utah. Students enrolled through WICHE’s Professional Student Exchange Program pay reduced tuition. Their home state of Utah pays a “support fee” to the enrolling school to reduce the cost of the student’s education. State support and program participation affecting students are subject to change by legislative or administrative action. A completed and approved application does not guarantee funding; state legislative appropriations determine the number of students the state can support each year. 

Applications are due by October 15th. To be considered, applicants must demonstrate 5+ years of Utah residency prior to applying.

Higher Education Success Stipend Program

The Higher Education Success Stipend Program is a grant available to undergraduate students with financial need who are studying at a Utah public or private non-profit college, university, or technical college.

Veterans Tuition Gap Program

The Veterans Tuition Gap Program helps veterans complete a bachelor’s degree. It pays up to tuition, plus fees and books, at Utah public and private non-profit colleges, universities, and technical colleges.

Talent Retention Incentive

The Talent Retention Incentive is a loan given to students who intend to work in Utah in a qualifying job. The loan amount may be up to the cost of resident tuition, fees, and books for the number of credit hours that student is enrolled in each semester.

Other Financial Aid Opportunities

Many state aid and institutional aid programs require students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Completing this application allows students to qualify for federal grants, work-study opportunities, or loans. (Learn more about types of aid here). We strongly encourage all students to complete a FAFSA annually to explore all options in paying for college.

Students can also visit for helpful resources to prepare for college, learn more about ways to pay for college, and to search and apply for local scholarship opportunities.