Commencement 2015: U of U, SUU, DSU & SLCC celebrate their graduates

Utah’s colleges and universities have been celebrating the accomplishments of their graduates with commencement ceremonies over the past two weeks. See photos from USU, WSU, Snow College and UVU.

University of Utah: 8,363 graduates

Bachelor’s: 5,665
Master’s: 2,158
Doctorate: 744
Juris Doctorate: 124
Doctors of Medicine: 80
Doctors of Pharmacy: 59UU Collage

Southern Utah University: 1,643 graduates

Associate: 307
Bachelor’s: 1,005
Master’s: 320
Special Education Certificates: 11SUU Collage

Dixie State University: 1,720 graduates

Certificate: 167
Associate: 1,037
Bachelor’s: 619DSU Collage

Salt Lake Community College: 3,727 graduates

Certificate: 648
Associate: 3,457SLCC Collage 3

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