Enrollment at Utah’s public colleges & universities increases by over 4,000

Utah’s public colleges and universities are seeing another increase in student enrollment this fall semester.

The first “snapshot” of college enrollments for the 2016-17 school year (fall semester, third week) shows the number of students at the state’s public universities and colleges increased by 4,739 students, for a net increase of 2.78% over last fall.  (2.44% increase when calculated at a full-time equivalent of students*). This increase is on top of last year’s increase of 3,453 students.

“With this continuing growth, our colleges and universities are working hard to ensure courses are available and services are maintained for all students,” said Dave Buhler, Utah Commissioner of Higher Education. “As we serve a growing number of students—we anticipate adding 52,000 students in the next decade—it will be crucial to receive legislative funding to keep higher education accessible and affordable for all Utahns.”

Eight out of ten Utah high school graduates who enroll in college attend one of Utah’s public colleges and universities—the primary talent pipeline for Utah’s fast-growing workforce. With over 175,000 students at state institutions, combined they would rank as the state’s 2nd most populous city.

Differences in enrollment growth between USHE institutions reflect the distinct mission of each institution and how external factors, such as changes in the economy and in individual academic programs, impact each institution.

University of Utah31,67332,0613881.23%
Utah State University28,62228,118-504-1.76%
Weber State University25,95526,8098543.29%
Southern Utah University8,8819,2994184.71%
Snow College5,1115,3502394.68%
Dixie State University8,5038,9934905.76%
Utah Valley University33,21134,9781,7675.32%
Salt Lake Community College28,81429,9011,0873.77%
USHE 170,770175,5094,7392.78%
University of Utah26,91127,4395291.96%
Utah State University22,14121,974-167-0.75%
Weber State University16,04616,5094642.89%
Southern Utah University6,9297,2603314.78%
Snow College3,9094,0341253.2%
Dixie State University6,3816,8524717.38%
Utah Valley University22,59123,7061,1154.94%
Salt Lake Community College15,55315,624710.46%
USHE 120,460123,3982,9392.44%

*Total FTE approximates the number of students enrolled full-time each semester (15 semester hours for undergraduate students; 10 semester hours for graduate students).

The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) is governed by the Board of Regents and is comprised of Utah’s eight public colleges and universities. The CEO of USHE is the Commissioner of Higher Education.

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