Faculty and staff salaries at Utah’s public colleges are consistently below national peers

It is well-known that the academic labor market is a national market, and candidates are willing and able to move across the country for an open position. Unfortunately, salaries for faculty and staff at institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) are significantly less than those at peer institutions across the country. Not only does this hinder employee retention at USHE institutions, but it puts these institutions at a disadvantage when they try to attract the best and brightest minds to their doors, as they are competing with institutions across the country which are able to pay market value.

For this reason, compensation and benefits are the top priorities for the Board of Regents’ 2015-16 budget request. Proposed compensation is detailed in the following areas:

  •    3% merit-based compensation ($23,159,100)
  •   5% health/dental benefit increases ($5,137,000)

For more detailed info on salary comparisons, see the USHE 2015 Data Book.

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Trisha Dugovic
Communications Director