Free online math refresher course at UVU designed to help students succeed

For the third year in a row, Utah Valley University is offering a free online math refresher course designed to help students who haven’t recently taken any math courses prepare for placement exams and meet college graduation requirements. Registration is now open for the seven-week course, which kicks off June 8 and is designed to offer students much more than simply a review of math. Last summer more than 2,000 individuals took advantage of the online refresher course.

UVU Math Refresher

Course Overview

The math refresher course is designed primarily for students who will be starting or restarting college within a year, and for current college students who have not finished their math requirement. Incoming college students are placed in math courses based on a placement exam, with the number of required courses depending on the exam score. Preparation for placement exams can mean higher scores and fewer math courses in college.

The course is also well-suited for anyone who simply wants to refresh math skills, or who would like to study for a different exam, such as the GRE.

The content of the math refresher course focuses primarily on algebra and arithmetic, and aligns with many standard exams, such as college math placement exams.

The course is organized into five modules — one focused on arithmetic, three focused on algebra, and one on trigonometry — with one optional statistics module. Students can proceed through the course at their own pace (coursework is available throughout the year) and also have access this summer to the chat rooms, discussion boards, and assistance from Keith White, Associate Professor in Developmental Math, and two peer mentors.

Course Setup

June 8 – July 27, 2015
Hosted on Canvas.net

 Student Support

  • One professor
  • Two peer mentors (TAs)
  • Discussion boards
  • Chat sessions
  • On-campus help

Find out more about UVU’s Math Refresher course or to register for the class.

Previous Student Feedback

“Thanks for having this available, especially for free. It was very helpful!”

“Excellent course online. The explanations were excellent.”

“I think this course is amazing. Having the professor interacting with the students on a daily basis is a plus, I am very happy that I am able to get online help with math.”

“I hope that you will offer this course again so that I will have the opportunity to improve my skills.”

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