Legislative Process

General Timeline

The Utah Board of Higher Education is required by statute to submit unified budget priorities in preparation for the annual legislative session. The following is the typical timeline for prioritization of budget and other legislative priorities, including capital development and proposed statutory changes.

  • May 2022: Staff solicits input and identifies necessary follow-up from previous legislation in preparation for annual prioritization.

  • June 2022: Commissioner’s office begins identifying potential legislative and budget priorities for further development and strategy.

  • June–July 2022: Commissioner’s office articulates the scope of impact of potential budgetary and statutory changes (e.g., policy, external partnerships, state statute).

  • July–August 2022: Commissioner preliminarily engages with legislative leadership to understand the political feasibility of potential priorities.

  • July–August 2022: Concurrently, the Commissioner’s office engages with affiliate groups and external stakeholders to further vet potential priorities.

  • August 1, 2022: Review priorities with the Council of Presidents.

  • August 19, 2022: Proposed priorities presented to the Board of Higher Education committees will advance for full Board consideration.

  • September 15–16, 2022: Board of Higher Education formally adopts budgetary and legislative priorities for the 2023 legislative session.


The Utah Board of Higher Education may subsequently convene leading up to and during the 2023 legislative session to revise priorities and consider additional proposals. During the legislative session, the Commissioner acts on behalf of the Board and may enlist individual Board member’s support on specific issues. The Board may also hold additional legislative events leading up to and during the legislative session to advocate higher education priorities.