Meet UHESA: The Utah Higher Education Staff Association

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The Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA) is an association for staff employees from each Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institution. UHESA provides a means of association and communication between the staff associations of each USHE institution. Per USHE Policy R223-3.2, “Each institution shall have a staff association or advisory committee comprised of broad based representation of the professional and classified staff to provide the point of policy input to the institutional Board of Trustees from the staff.”

UHESA’s mission is to unify, train, educate, and cultivate higher education staff and their associations; to create a powerful voice for staff within the state of Utah; to instill a sense of pride in higher education staff, and to educate the citizens of Utah regarding the worth of higher education.

Each institution assigns two UHESA delegates to engage in monthly communications, quarterly meetings, and participate in an annual summer conference with other USHE institution delegates. The UHESA Executive Board members are elected from among these delegates.

Staff members of Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institutions provide valuable products and services to students, faculty, administration, the educational community, and the Utah community at large.  Most students in the higher education system interact with many staff members before their first contact with a faculty member.  This interaction contributes significantly to the success of every student throughout his or her college experience.


Sylvia Bradshaw                                    Andrea Brown                                     Brett McKeachnie
President                                                President-Elect                                    Past-President
Dixie State University                         Dixe State University                          Utah Valley University

See for more information and a complete listing of UHESA delegates and Executive Board members.

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