Pursuing Education While Incarcerated, Findings from the 2023 Higher Education and Corrections Council Annual Report

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Inmates in Utah can reach education goals while incarcerated. Several Utah System of Higher Education institutions provide accredited courses to Utah Department of Corrections inmates.

Davis Technical College, Uintah Basin Technical College, and Snow College offer programs for inmates to earn technical certificates at UDC facilities across the state. Salt Lake Community College offers additional programs for general education and associate degrees.

Davis Technical College Programs

  • Automation/Robotics
  • Automotive Technology
  • Advanced Automotive Technology
  • Business Administrative Services
  • Culinary Arts
  • Information Technology
  • CNC Machining
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Welding Technology

Snow College Programs

  • Construction Management
  • Culinary Arts

Salt Lake Community College Programs

  • General Studies
  • General Education
  • English
  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • History
  • Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Professional Sales

Uintah Basin Technical College Program

  • Residential Construction

The state of Utah created the Higher Education and Corrections Council to coordinate higher education in the correctional system and provide recommendations to USHE, UDC, and the Legislature. Each year, the Higher Education and Corrections Council releases its report, including a review of the development and delivery of curriculum and recommendations to improve the programs.

Key Findings and Recommendations from the 2023 Higher Education and Corrections Council Annual Report

  • Enrollment and Graduation: 516 inmates enrolled in state-funded programs for the 2023 fiscal year, and 100 graduated.
  • Technical Certificates: The Salt Lake women’s facility now has the same number of technical education certificate programs as the men’s facility.
  • Electronic Resources: UDC and Davis Technical College added the Canvas learning system used by K-12 and higher education across the state.
  • Financial Aid: UDC and institutions have begun the process under new federal rules that will allow incarcerated students to receive Pell grants.
  • Student Advisement: The council recommends student advisors for each institution offering education at a correctional facility.
  • Data Collection and Reporting: The council recommends that UDC review and update its data systems, measurement, and reporting.

Learn more and read the full report here.

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