SLCC hosts third-annual Title IX Symposium

Buhler_TIXLast Friday, March 3, Salt Lake Community College hosted the third annual Title IX Symposium at its Jordan campus. This year’s event, Not Alone: Best Practices and Building Bridges Towards Inclusivity, featured a keynote by Liz Seccuro, who is an author, activist, and rape survivor. She spoke about the current crisis of gender-based violence, what we’ve achieved and how we can do better, as well as addressing campus sexual violence, Title IX, the Office of Civil Rights, and other higher ed issues.

About 200 attendees participated in workshops such as:

  • How to make your Title IX process accessible under ADA/504
  • Climate surveys/campus climate
  • MOUs with local law enforcement and community partners
  • Intervention programs and services
  • Mobilizing communities to prevent sexual assault/violence
  • Rape, domestic violence & stalking prevention
  • More than two options: Making space for intersex and gender variant people
  • Policy and protocol into practice
  • International students and Title IX
  • Campus inclusivity measures

Every institution in the Utah System of Higher Education, as well as a few private non-profit institutions, were represented by Title IX officers at the symposium. All Title IX officers were invited to attend a breakout session during lunch for a roundtable about state issues that affect Title IX on campus.

Media Inquiries

Trisha Dugovic
Communications Director