Snow College Presidential Search Committee Named

Membership reaches multiple constituencies

As part of its delegated duties and responsibilities, the Snow College Board of Trustees named a 13-member committee to conduct a national search for the next president of Snow College. The Utah Board of Higher Education named Stacee McIff as interim president of Snow in July 2022, following Bradley J. Cook’s announcement of accepting a new position at the American University of Bahrain.

Snow College’s Board of Trustees Chair Leslie Keisel will chair the presidential search committee. The committee is comprised of representatives from the Board of Higher Education, trustees and institutional stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, administration, alumni and community members.

“Snow College is a high-quality institution where students have a personalized educational experience at an affordable price,” said Keisel. “We have selected committee members who understand Snow’s unique mission and are committed to the success of the institution. We appreciate their willingness to serve in this important capacity.”

Members of the committee include the following individuals:

Snow College Board of Trustees

  • Leslie Keisel, Chair
  • Rick Robinson, Vice Chair

Utah Board of Higher Education

  • Jesselie Anderson, Vice Chair
  • Shawn Newell

Faculty, Staff, and Administration

  • Matthew Gowans, Faculty Senate President
  • Tammy Hales, Staff Association President
  • Heidi Johnson, Faculty Association President
  • Fernando Montano, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Jay Olsen, Vice President for Technical Education
  • Jackson Rowley, Student Body President

Community & External Stakeholders

  • Gail Albrecht
  • Cade Douglas
  • Dave Parrish

The Presidential Search Committee will meet in the next few weeks to establish a position announcement and call for nominations and applications with the assistance of a national search firm. The committee will then screen applications for the position and conduct interviews with candidates. After deliberating, the committee will recommend three to five semifinalists to the Board of Higher Education. The Board intends to name a new president by the summer of 2023 but will take the necessary time to find the most qualified candidate.

“Snow College is a strong and positive part of the communities it serves in the state of Utah; I have confidence in the search committee selected by Snow College’s board of trustees to direct the first portion of the presidential search,” said Lisa Michele Church, Utah Board of Higher Education chair. “The Board appreciates the willingness of these committee members to dedicate their time and expertise to this process. We look forward to their recommendations for the next leader of Snow College.”

Information about the search will be posted here throughout the process.

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