Tuition at Utah’s public universities ranked third-lowest in the nation

According to new data from the College Board, tuition at Utah’s public universities is once again third-lowest in the nation. The average 2017-18 in-state tuition and fees at Utah’s four-year institutions is $6,790, compared to the national average of $9,970. This is in addition to having the lowest average student debt in the country at $18,810 […]

A long-term look at Utah’s college age population

By 2065 the number of college age population (ages 18-24) living in Utah is projected to increase by 65% (an increase of 196,705 students) to reach half a million, while the school age population (ages 5-17) is projected to increase by 49% (an increase of 329,743 students) to reach nearly one million, according to recently […]