State funding is key ingredient to Utah’s efficient colleges and universities

Springtime in higher ed brings the excitement of commencements, graduations, and post-college adventures. In the next few weeks, over 30,000 USHE students will be awarded certificates and degrees, a major lifetime accomplishment that will prepare them for their future. Less visibly, spring is also the time when state budgets across the country are adopted for […]

Board of Regents to adopt major governance revisions in 2017

The 2017 Legislature adopted some of the most sweeping governance revisions for the Board of Regents since its establishment in 1969 through SB 238, Higher Education Governance Revisions (Millner/Wilson). The legislation puts into the law significant areas of existing policy and practice of the board, including board member selection, board duties, the selection of institution […]

Summary of the 2017 Legislative Session

The 2017 Legislative Session concluded on March 9, 2017. There were over 100 bills impacting public higher education during the 2017 Legislative Session on a variety of issues including mental health, student debt and student privacy. Commissioner Buhler will provide a more exhaustive report on the 2017 Session, including budgetary impacts, at the meeting of the […]

2017 Legislative Update – Week 6

2017-2018 Budget The Executive Appropriations Committee approved its first round of funding items on Friday. For higher education, initial items include: Compensation: 2% labor market adjustment increase (plus funding for health insurance rate increases), with the ratio of funding at 75% from state funds and 25% of tuition funds. Student Enrollment Growth: $3.5 million ongoing for […]

2017 Legislative Update – Week 3

Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee The Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee met for its final scheduled hearing this week, focusing on the Board of Regents’ budget priorities for USHE. The committee also considered other budget requests. Understandably, the top priority of the subcommittee is to restore the 2% across-the-board budget cut. The subcommittee also voted to hold […]

2017 Legislative Update – Week 2

The Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee The subcommittee met twice this week, hearing from seven of the eight USHE presidents. Each president advocated the Board of Regents’ unified budget priorities, highlighted notable accomplishments and provided compelling arguments of the critical need for increased state funding at their institutions. The subcommittee, as directed by the Executive Appropriations […]

2017 Legislative Update – Week 1

Overview The 2017 Session of the Utah State Legislature got underway Monday, January 23, and will conclude Thursday, March 9. It is anticipated there will be several bills with potential impact to the Utah System of Higher Education, all of which will be tracked and responses coordinated by the Commissioner’s Office and institutions. 2017-2018 Budget According […]

Board of Regents FY18 budget priorities focus on strategic objectives, outcomes

The 2025 Strategic Plan of the Board of Regents, adopted in January 2016, projects USHE institutions need a combined annual average budget increase of 5% to fund new enrollment growth, student support, compensation, operation and maintenance of facilities, program development, and information technology needs. Over the past two years (FY 2016, 2017), the USHE operating budget […]

2017-18 USHE budget request approved by Board of Regents

The Utah State Board of Regents adopted the unified budget request and prioritized the state-funded capital facilities requests of the Utah System of Higher Education during its meeting today at Utah State University in Logan in preparation for the 2017 legislative session. “These operating budget request reflects the most urgent needs of USHE institutions as […]