Making a Difference in Math

Legislative math initiative increases college math completion in high school by 28%  SB 196 Math Competency Initiative  (Millner/Gibson), passed during the 2015 Utah legislative session, encourages high school students to complete a higher education math, or Quantitative Literacy (QL), requirement prior to graduating from high school.  A new issue brief from the Office of the Commissioner of […]

Issue Brief: Developmental Education in Utah

The number of high school students who enroll in college after graduation has been on the rise the past several years. Many students, however, are surprised when they take placement tests and must enroll in developmental courses. This detour from college-level courses can be costly in terms of both time and money. Unfortunately, it often […]

Longitudinal data & higher education in Utah

longitudinal data

In recent years, longitudinal data has become an oft-referenced term in relation to educational data. The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) has long utilized longitudinal data to inform policy decisions and provide reporting information to the Board of Regents, the state legislature and other primary stakeholders. USHE has used a central data warehouse since […]

Which measures are most effective at placing students in the appropriate college math course?

A recent USHE analysis found that using multiple performance measures (e.g., GPA, ACT score) to successfully place a student in a general education math course is key to successful course completion. Furthermore, a student’s cumulative GPA is the most significant academic performance predictor of success in general education math courses that fulfill the USHE Quantitative […]

Grant program aims to increase number of qualified teachers for concurrent enrollment classes

Each year, more than 30,000 of Utah’s high school juniors and seniors earn nearly 200,000 college credit hours by participating in the Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program, saving nearly $29 million in college tuition. SB 196: Math Competency Initiative (Millner/Gibson), passed during the 2015 legislative session, encourages all college-going high school students to complete their college-level quantitative literacy (math) […]

New report highlights the costs of college remediation

A new analysis from the advocacy group Education Reform Now reports more than half of college freshmen—approximately one in four students who enter college the fall after high school graduation—had to enroll in remedial coursework during their first year of college. A “remedial” course, sometimes known as a “developmental” course, is one that covers material […]

USHE works to improve college completion rates

College educated citizens make Utah’s economy stronger. The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) wants to make sure that every student can get a meaningful credential in a timely manner. That means taking enough credits each semester, taking the right classes, and building upon strong academic preparation in high school. USHE recently released a report, College […]

USHE releases inaugural High School Feedback Reports

To show how Utah’s high school graduates are making the transition from high school to higher education, the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) created the inaugural High School Feedback Reports. These reports show the college performance of the 2013-14 high school graduating class who went on to enroll at a public college or university in […]

Math and Graduation: Overview of SB 196 – Math Competency Initiative

This is the fifth article in a multi-part series about math in high school and college leading to completion of a degree or certificate. The first article focused on math and high school preparation, the second on developmental/remedial math, the third on math and STEM, and the fourth on math instruction innovations at Weber State University. […]