Board of Regents revises Performance Funding metrics

At the May 20 meeting, the Board of Regents adopted revised metrics to the performance, or outcomes-based, funding model, adopted in July 2015 as part of the legislature’s instruction via SB 232 passed in the 2015 Legislative Session. SB 232 requires the Board of Regents to maintain performance metrics in five specific areas: Degrees and certificates […]

Performance funding rewards Utah’s public colleges & universities for achievement in key areas

In January 2015, the Board of Regents and co-chairs of the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee Senator Stephen Urquhart and Representative Keith Grover, established performance metrics for a portion of the new funds appropriated for the Utah System of Higher Education by the 2015 Legislature. This year USHE’s 2016-2017 budget priorities includes $15,000,000 for Performance Funding, using the […]