Cydni Tetro

Board Member

Appointed in 2023.

Cydni Tetro, Brandless CEO, is a nationally renowned technology leader, record-
breaking fundraiser, consumer visionary, and trailblazer for women in tech.

She recently raised $118M for Brandless, a better-for-you consumer products platform, the largest fundraise led by a woman in Silicon Slopes. She was recognized by EY as a Mountain West Entrepreneur of the Year.

Prior to that, she was the founder and CEO of ForgeDX, a customer acceleration platform used by companies like Verizon, Adobe, Microsoft, and Dell, which she sold in 2020. She was also the founder and CEO of 3DplusMe, a venture-backed 3D printing personalization platform where you could become an Ironman action figure, which she sold in 2017.

She spent six years at Disney in Imagineering, leading technology commercialization and building technology businesses inside Disney, including with Theme Parks, ESPN, and ABC. Prior to that, she built and sold three other companies. She is the founder and president of the Women Tech Council. She has two patents and holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s in computer science from BYU.